Edible Rocks

edible rocks

These fun rock decorations can make any cake great! Chocolate pieces are shaped and then coated in a colorful candy shell to create these edible rocks. Chocolate rocks are great for dinosaur, outdoors and under the sea cakes, army and construction cakes, or just for snacking. With 9 different types to choose from, your imagination can do the decorating. Styles include: river stones, silver, gold, and bronze nuggets, gemstones, neutral and bright-colored, black coal, and camo. ChocoRocks come in a 3 oz. container.

Excavation Cupcakes

excavation cupcakes

Items Needed:

Step 1. Hand model shovel heads out of gray fondant. Set in medium-sized flower former to dry. Use a broken pretzel stick to prop up.


Step 2. Make pick ax by cutting long narrow strips out of gray fondant and notching one end. Place in flower former to dry.

Step 3. Make handles for shovels by rolling small amount of gray fondant into a ‘u’ shape. Roll a second piece out of brown fondant and attach at top of the u with edible glue.

Step 4. Dip pretzel sticks in melted candy coating. Let excess chocolate drip from pretzel before placing on parchment paper. Mold hard hats out of yellow coating.

Step 5. Attach shovel heads, handles, and pick axs to pretzel handles with edible glue and let dry. Paint all ‘metal’ areas with silver dust mixed with clear alcohol. Let dry.

Step 6. Meanwhile, bake and cool cupcakes. Place chocolate sandwich cookies in food processor and process until just crumbs.

Step 7. Using a large open tip, pipe buttercream onto cupcake. Immediately dip into cookie crumbs. Make sure all sides are covered.


Step 8. Arrange edible rocks, hard hats, and tools on top of each cupcake.



Fish Bowl Cookies

fish bowl cookies

Items Needed:

Step 1. Bake fish cookies with sticks and let cool.

Step 2. Use fish cutter to cut out white fondant. Use various sizes of tips to create the scales and face, and a knife to make ridges in the back fin.


Step 3. Brush the fondant with assorted luster dusts. Color in eye and smile with black marker.


Step 4. Attach fondant to cookie with piping gel. Put a small amount of candy clay into the bottom of the fish bowl.

Step 5. Arrange fish cookies in fish bowl. Pour in edible rocks to cover up candy clay.


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