Shimmery Snowflake Tiered Cake

snowflake tiered cake

Christmas may be over but it’s still Winter. This is a great cake for winter weddings or make a smaller version for after Christmas get-togethers.



Cover a 6″ and 8″ two layer cake in blue rolled fondant. Roll out white fondant about 4″ larger than the diameter of the cakes. Cut a wavy line around the edge of the fondant circle. Place over each cake and gently roll under edges to make a smooth look. Stack cake using preferred method. Add a small amount of blue fondant to white fondant for a light blue fondant. Roll out very thin and cut out snowflakes in different sizes using plunger cutters. Spray snowflakes with pearl spray and then immediately sprinkle with disco dust. Allow snowflakes to dry hard (several hours). Spray entire cake with pearl spray and attach snowflakes to cakes using small dots of buttercream.

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