Featured Product: Snap Together Letter and Number Embossers

Snap together letters and numbers to create personalized messages for your decorating projects. Ideal for cookies, cupcakes, and small accents on cakes. Use them to emboss rolled fondant, gum paste, modeling chocolate, cookie dough, and more. Snap Together Letters and … Continue reading

Common Candy-Making Questions

What kind of chocolate do I want for making barks and for dipping? We usually then ask if they just want the kind that you melt down and use and almost always the answer is yes. If this is the case, then … Continue reading

Employees’ Favorites

We carry a lot of products here at CKSA. So when asked what their favorite product was, many of the employees here had a hard time narrowing it down to just one. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Allison’s favorite product is Falls Real Dark Chocolate item #70-2955. It is her “favorite all time chocolate! I eat it straight from the bag!” Allison uses this chocolate in ice cream, for s’mores, in any candy bar she makes, and especially in her baking. “Chocolate chunk cupcakes are really close to my heart” she says, “and don’t forget about hot dark cocoa…even coffee…now I’m hungry!”

  • Autumn has not one, but many favorite items. Her favorites include all of the flower plunger cutters which she says are great to use as quick accents on cookies, cakes and cupcakes as well as all the edible image designer prints. “I like decorating cookies with these prints for quick added color.”
  • Becky couldn’t decide on just one item, so she chose a whole section of the store- the book section. “There is an answer for almost every question a customer may have and the knowledge is unlimited. We have all types of books that have great pictures and directions from novice to pro.”

  • Brian’s favorite products are all of the Satin Ice fondants. He likes the satin ice because of it’s workability, taste, and color options when he’s covering cakes. Brian likes to add a white chocolate and corn syrup mixture to the fondant that makes it much, much easier to work with and tastier too!

  • Cara’s favorite product right now is the ‘Cupcake Decorating Party’ kit #MR-0496. “This kit is awesome because it makes a great gift or a fun party you can host yourself.” The kit includes supplies for 8 quests, including invitations, baking cups, aprons, pastry bags and tips, and recipes. Our selection of icing, sprinkles, and decorations ensures that your party will be a hit! We also sell decorative cupcake boxes that party guests can take their treats home in. Cara also says, “if you don’t live close enough to our store to attend our classes, this is a fun at home alternative!”
  • Like many of our customers, Ethan’s favorite product is our buttercream icing #77-660. He says that it tastes really good, sets up nice, and is easy to use. Ethan likes to use the icing on graham crackers, cookies, and of course, cakes!

  • JB likes the jelly snowmen and trees #AN-50505P that come in around Christmas time. Even though they are only seasonal, he likes them because “they are one of the best tasting gummies I’ve ever had.” JB says they make a great snack between work and home!

  • Jill just loves the espresso crunch #75-1705. At Christmas she uses it to make bark by mixing one bag of the espresso with two bags of the butterscotch candy coating #70-2400. She also uses the crunch to make a cheesecake! Her “favorite”! This is how she makes it: Take the Wind & Willow Tiramisu Dessert Mix #WW-34113 and mix as directed for cheesecake. Chop the espresso crunch until fine and coat the bottom of a prepared chocolate graham cracker crust. Fill the pan with cheesecake mix and top with more espresso crunch. Refrigerate.
  • Jovon’s favorite items in the store are the styrofoam cake dummies– all sizes, round and square. Not only does he use them for display cakes, he makes cake and cupcake stands with them as well. “They add umph to any cake, cookie, cupcake, or cake pop display. They’re great!”

  • Kelly likes the cookie scoops of all sizes. The 26 mm scoop #N-675, she likes to use for bite-size cookies. The 35 mm #53-676, she uses for small cookies and mini cupcakes. For standard size cupcakes and cookies she uses #N-678, the 50 mm scoop. And for big cookies and jumbo cupcakes she likes to use the 56 mm scoop #N-679. But the scoops are not just for using with cookie doughs and cupcakes batters, they work really great for making consistent sized candies as well!

  • Leslie likes any of the products that create texture, with her current favorite item being the Floral Texture Set #43-4715. Here’s what she has to say about this and other products like it. “They add beautiful patterns that can be left as is or embellished in a number of ways. The mats can be used with most icings and chocolates making them practical and versatile.”

  • Melissa likes all of the pastry fillings we carry, especially the red raspberry #76-4152 and the strawberry #76-4153. She uses them to fill cupcakes and cakes, make thumbprint cookies, and gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Yum!
  • Mindy’s favorite is the combination of the Whirley Pop #WVF-25008A, the Ladyfinger style popcorn #WVF-41403, and the Movie Theater Style Seasoning #WVF-77803. She says that the popper pops to perfection and is very easy to use. The ladyfinger is her favorite being that it is dainty and practically hull-less. And the movie theater seasoning adds the perfect finish.

  • Of all the kitchen gadgets that Nancy has from CKSA, the Pro-Adjustable Cup #KA-55211 is the one she uses the most. She likes the slideability that this particular style offers as opposed to others that are all plastic. She uses this tool to measure out things such as shortening and peanut butter.

  • Sarah’s favorite items would be the silicone baking mats, in particular the 11 3/4″ x 16″ mat #FR-4722. The silicone mats prevent goods from sticking while baking. Also use them when dipping treats in chocolate- the pieces come right off the mat. The mats make clean-up easy! Sarah uses the mats most often when she is making homemade granola.


  • Theresa loves the mini measuring glass #H-13211WPRO which measures in teaspoons, tablespoons, and ounces. She likes to use it in place of measuring spoons when she cooks and bakes. “One glass does it all! Makes it quick and easy!”

For those of you reading this who shop in our store or through or website, what’s your favorite product we carry? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Chablon Stencils

Chablon stencils are used to create perfect shapes for candy making and cake decorating. The stencils can be used with melted chocolate or candy coating and are heat safe so that they can also be used with isomalt. Chocolate or isomalt pieces can make beautiful accents for cakes and cupcakes. Mints and truffle sandwiches can be made out of the thin disks of chocolate. Chocolate transfers sheets can be used along with the stencils to create even more beautiful pieces. These particular stencils come in 5 different designs; paisley, butterfly, square, round, and scallop. Use the stencils on top silicone baking mats to ensure that the finished pieces can be easily removed. Wash the chablons in hot, soapy water and let them air dry.

Using Chablon Stencils with Chocolate

Step 1. Place chocolate transfer smooth side down on a silicone baking mat (optional). Place chablon stencil on top.

Step 2: Pour melted chocolate or candy coating in the cavities along the top and one side of the chablon.

Step 3: Starting in the top corner, use a large plastic spreader or spatula to evenly scrape the chocolate across the chablon. Be sure that all cavities are completely filled.

Step 4: Place the silicone mat along with the chablon stencil on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer until the chocolate is set.

Step 5: Peel off the chablon stencil.

Step 6: Remove the chocolate pieces from the transfer sheet.

Use chocolate pieces as decoration for cakes/cupcakes.

Use chocolate disks to create bite-size truffle sandwiches.

Using Chablon Stencils with Isomalt

Step 1: Place the chablon stencil on a silicone mat.

Step 2: Melt small amounts of isomalt in silicone baking cups using the microwave.

Step 3: Pour the isomalt into each cavity in the stencil.

Step 4: Use a toothpick if necessary to move the isomalt into all the corners and crevasses.

Step 5: Let the isomalt harden and then peel back the chablon stencil.

Make decorative tiles and accents for cakes using the chablon stencils.

All About Texture Mats and How to Use Them

Texture mats are a great way to easily add texture to your decorating projects. Whether you need all over texture or just small accents with texture, you can easily achieve the look you want with these mats. Texture sheets come in a variety of patterns and can be used with many different mediums. Use the sheets to texture cookie and gingerbread dough, buttercream and fondant iced cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, and chocolate wrapped cakes or dipped treats.

The mats come in a range of sizes making them useful for all different projects. Larger mats can be cut for smaller projects. Most mats are made of flexible, lightweight plastic so that can easily be curved to fit your cake. You can use either side of the mat, for 2 different looks from the same mat. Wash the mats in warm soapy water and store flat if possible. If using the mat with fondant, lightly spray with cooking spray and wipe off the excess so that the fondant doesn’t stick.

Textured Cakes

Using with Buttercream Icing

Ice the cake and allow the buttercream to form a crust.

Use your hands to firmly press the texture mat onto the sides of the cake. (picture 1) Place the mat on the top of the cake and with a pastry roller, roll over the mat. (picture 2) Do not double roll.

Using with Fondant (method 1)

This method requires rolling out 2 separate pieces of fondant for the sides and top of the cake.

Ice cake and allow to crust. Brush a thin layer of piping gel over the buttercream. Roll fondant out into a long strip. (picture 1) Roll the strip to about 1/4″ thick. The strip needs to be long and tall enough to cover the sides of the cake. Pick the fondant up and place onto a texture mat. Using a lot of pressure, roll over the strip. (picture 2) Do not roll backwards or double roll.

If your mat is not long enough for the fondant strip, stop pressure just before the end of the mat. Flip the fondant over and peel off the mat. Match the pattern up so that the texture mat overlaps the textured surface just slightly. Begin rolling over the mat to finish texturing the entire strip.

Using a ruler and a pastry roller, cut the fondant strip to the exact circumference and height of the cake. (picture 1) Pick the strip up and carefully wrap around the side of the cake. (picture 2)

Roll out enough fondant to cover the top of the cake about 1/4″ thick. Place the fondant onto the texture mat and roll over with a lot of pressure. Flip over and peel off the texture mat. Place a cardboard the same size as the cake on top of the textured fondant. Use a pastry wheel to cut around the cardboard. (picture 1) Place the textured circle on top of the cake. (picture 2) Pipe a border on top of the seam to finish the cake.

Using with Fondant (method 2)

This method requires rolling out one large piece of fondant to cover the entire cake. Textured patterns may become slightly  stretched or distorted using this method.

Roll out the fondant as you normally would for covering a cake. Place the fondant onto the texture sheet. If the piece of fondant is larger than your rolling-pin is wide, you will have to texture the fondant in sections. Start at one end of the fondant and roll over using a lot of pressure. Texture the next section by rolling in the other direction. Flip the mat and fondant over and position over the cake. Peel off the texture mat. Follow the normal steps for covering a cake in fondant except do not use fondant smoothers to smooth out the fondant.

Textured Cupcakes

Roll fondant out to about 1/4″ thick. Place on top of texture mat and roll over fondant with firm pressure. (picture 1) Use an appropriate sized round cutter to cut out textured circles. (picture 2) Place the fondant circles onto prepared cupcake tops. Use your fingers to adhere fondant to icing.

Textured Cookies

Using with buttercream Icing

Ice cookies and allow the icing to form a crust. Place the texture mat on top of the icing. Gently press down to imprint the texture.

Using with Fondant

Ice cookies with buttercream or brush with piping gel. Roll out fondant about 1/4″ thick. Place the fondant onto the texture mat and roll over with firm pressure. Flip over and peel of texture mat. Use the same cutter that you used to cut out the cookies to cut out the fondant. Gently attach the fondant to the cookies.

Textured Chocolate

Dip items with flat surfaces in melted and tempered chocolate or melted candy coating. Place on a parchment sheet or silicone mat to set. Place a texture mat on top of the pieces while the chocolate is still wet. When the chocolate has set up, peel of the texture mat.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with texture mats:

Bridal shower cookies with textured fondant accents

Best Wishes cake with textured top

Cupcakes with textured fondant tops and textured purse accents

Textured chocolate wrapped cake

Cowgirl cake with textured bandana topper