Spring Is in the Air

With spring (maybe) just around the corner, that means we are in for some rain showers, which then brings the flowers. Here are some activities to get your little ones excited about what’s in store for the next few weeks. … Continue reading

Perfect Sugar Cookies

Creating firm cookies with a perfect surface for cookie icings can be challenging. This recipe will help, yielding cookies with a simple, subtle sweetness that hold their shape when baked and are enhanced with icing. Baked cookies, with or without … Continue reading

Decorating Cookies with Edible Frosting Sheets

Frosting sheets are printed designs using edible ink that can be applied to cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other desserts. They bond seamlessly with fondant, royal icing and buttercream. Edible frosting sheets are thin and very delicate. A gentle touch must be used … Continue reading

Mystery Cookie Cutter Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who voted in our Mystery Cookie Cutter Contest! We had over 1,000 total votes! That’s a lot of votes! The employees had a lot of fun creating their entries and it showed. Here are the results … Continue reading

Custom Edible Images for Cutie Cupcake Cutters

If you are looking for an adorable way to decorate cupcakes for a baby shower or cookies for a friend, consider Cutie Cupcake Cutters and their coordinating Edible Images. With these two products you can easily create cut-out cookies or … Continue reading