Top Tools From 2015

Last week we looked forward at upcoming trends, this week we look back at our most popular tools in 2015. These essential tools can streamline your work, add a special touch or simply make your job a lot easier.

Squeeze Bottles

Make it easy to fill molds. The small opening on these bottles make them ideal for painting details in molds. Any standard size decorating tip can be attached to bottle.


perfection strips
Perfection Strips

Used for rolling out cookie/ pastry dough.  1/16”, 1/8”, ¼” thick strips. Ensures uniform dough so it bakes more evenly.


Disposable Bags

In a word: convenience! The 12” bags are a good size for most projects. Disposable bags makes clean-up quick and easy.


Locking Plates and Pillars
Create a very secure stacked cake. These plates and pillars can also be used for separating cakes for a ‘traditional’ look.


scriber tool 2
Scriber Tool
This tool has a nice sharp point that is useful in so many ways. Use for modeling fondant or gum paste, or for marking patterns into cake icing.


Hollow Plastic Dowels

These heavy duty dowels provide strong support for stack cakes.


mold break       mold rec

Break Up Bar and Rectangular Hard Candy Molds 
These molds are a must have for any candy maker. The rectangle and break up bar molds are heat safe up to 375 degrees and make uniform pieces of candy.



Food Doodle Pens
A fun way to write or draw on your creations. This set of 10 fine tip markers (2 are black). They are great for fine details and lines.


33-100 jan promo
Metal Spatulas

These straight and angled spatula helps to smooth icing and make precise lines. These smaller sizes are also great for mixing color into icing.


ACC-7753 jan promo     RM-0871 jan promoRM-0870 jan promo
Plaque Shaped Cutters
Use cutters (oval, rectangle and square) to make plaque-shaped cookies. May also be used to cut plaques from fondant or gum paste to embellish cakes or to use as a cake topper.


Decorating Tips

#1, #1.5, #2 and #3 tips are made of stainless steel and seamless. They are best used for fine lines and details.


decorating bag
Decorating Bags

Lightweight, but tough decorating bags. Flexible, washable, and reusable.


edible spray

Edible Glaze Spray
Protect and add shine to projects with this spray. Glaze is edible.


Imperial Dusts
Gold and silver metallics are definitely a hot trend right now. These products are the best way to get a metallic finish on your projects. Mix with grain alcohol for a ‘high-shine’ look. For more about metallics click here.


funky alaphabets
Funky Alphabet Cutters

These cutters are approximately 1 3/8″ tall and are designed to create fine, elegant motifs with fondant or gum paste.

To help you get ready for the new year, we have a great sale on all of these items until January 31, 2016.