Spring Is in the Air

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Custom Edible Images for Cutie Cupcake Cutters

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New Cutie Cupcake Cutter Sets

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Something on a Stick Day

That’s right. Today is the day where you get to celebrate all foods that come on a stick. Corn dogs, kabobs, and lollipops all now have a proper holiday for you to adore them on.

Even foods that never used to be, are being put on a stick. Cookies, cake, and other bite sized treats are all seen sporting a trendy stick now a days. ‘On a stick’ items are great for dessert buffets, birthday parties, and celebrations. They are easy for kids to handle and make serving a cinch. Plus, they’re cute!

Marshmallow Ladybug ‘On a Stick’


What you need:

Insert a stick into each marshmallow. Dip marshmallows into melted red candy coating. Allow as much of the excess to drip off as possible before placing the marshmallow into a piece of styrofoam or sucker stand to dry. Next melt the black candy coating. Dip the ends of the marshmallows into the black coating and again, let the excess drain off. Cut the licorice into short increments, about 1″ in length. Poke 3 small holes into each side of the marshmallow. Dip one end on the licorice into melted red coating and insert ‘legs’ into the marshmallow.

Pour the melted black coating into a squeeze bottle with a fine opening. Draw one line a black chocolate down the middle of the marshmallow. Make various sizes of spots on the ladybug’s back. Put 2 small dabs of melted chocolate on the end and attach the eyes. Pipe a smile using the pink candy writer.

Spring Butterfly Cupcake

butterfly cupcake

Spring is almost here! (just 1 day away) These butterfly cupcakes are great for kids to help decorate. They are simple and fun to make. Make them as an after-school activity, a spring birthday party, or just because!

Items needed:

Bake cupcakes in lime green papers and let cool. Fill a pastry bag fit with a grass tip with lime green buttercream. Pipe long blades of grass over the entire cupcake. Mold the butterfly’s body out of dark chocolate candy clay or a Tootsie roll. Roll a small piece into a ball for the head. Cut short pieces of black rope licorice for the antenna and insert into the top of the head. Place the body on the cupcake. Place two pretzel twists on both sides of the butterfly’s body and insert them into the icing. Sprinkle grass with small, colorful flower sprinkles and place one large edible flower in front of the butterfly.

How-To use Plunger Cutters

Plunger cutters are a great way to easily add details to your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Plunger cutters come in all different shapes and sizes, from geometric to flowers and leaves. Some cutters are simply cutters, while others cut and emboss realistic designs into the fondant or gum paste. Using plunger cutters is a great way to get started working with fondant or gum paste if you haven’t had any experience using them before. They are simple to use, inexpensive, and offer a wide range of decorating options.

How-To use Plunger Cutters

Follow these basic steps for using plunger cutters and make fun and easy decorations out of fondant or gum paste! These steps call for fondant, but gum paste may also be used.

Step 1: Soften fondant or gum paste by kneading with hands. Roll out thinly.

Step 1

Step 2: Dust your work surface with cornstarch and place rolled fondant on the prepared surface. Holding the cutter at the base, cut down into the fondant and lift out.

Step 2

Step 3: With the fondant piece still in the cutter, use thumb to rub over the edges of the cutter. This gets rid of any extra pieces. If your cutter does not have any veining or details, skip Step 4 and continue on to Step 5.

Step 3

Step 4: Place cutter back down onto work surface and push the plunger down. This will emboss the details onto the fondant piece.

Step 4

Step 5: Lift cutter and press plunger again, this time to release the shape from the cutter. *If fondant piece sticks to work surface, not enough cornstarch was used or the fondant was too sticky. You can re-roll out the fondant and try again, this time with more cornstarch.

Step 5

*Small flowers can be released onto a piece of foam to allow for shaping. Use a ball tool to shape the flowers or some cutters will have a center piece that helps to do this.

Using foam to form and shape

*Once flowers have been released from the cutter, they can be placed in formers to dry. This will give the flowers a natural cupped shape.

Using flower formers to shape pieces

To make above cupcakes: Roll out various colors of rolled fondant and use an assortment of shapes and sizes of flower plunger cutters to cut out flowers. Cut leaves from green fondant with different sized leaf plunger cutters. Set fondant pieces in formers to dry (these dried overnight). Attach flowers together using edible glue and let dry. In the mean time, bake, cool, and ice cupcakes. Immediately arrange flowers and leaves into the wet icing.

Chick and Lamb Cookie Pops

These adorable chocolate covered sandwich cookies make the prefect Easter treat. Give them as gifts or use them to make a cute centerpiece. Popsicle sticks make them easy treats for children to handle. Use green colored coconut for grass inside display basket.

Items needed:


Melt candy coatings. Mold lamb heads in egg mold with white chocolate. Dip end of several pretzel sticks (4 for every lamb) into dark chocolate and let dry. Dip 1/2″ of one end of popsicle sticks into melted candy coating; yellow for chick and white for lamb. Insert into the middle of sandwich cookie. Allow coating to dry completely. Dip cookies in white or yellow chocolate, covering completely and allow to dry. Remove lamb heads from mold. Break off dipped pretzel end and discard uncovered portion.

For chick: Form beaks and comb out of small amount of orange candy clay. For candy clay recipe, refer to Spring Cake Pops post. Use a pair of scissors to cut opening in beak and to make points on the comb. Attach the pieces to cookie with a tiny dab of melted candy coating. Use orange candy writer to pipe chick’s legs and dark chocolate to give him eyes.

For lamb: Using melted candy coating, attach the white eggs off to the side of each lamb cookie. Roll out black fondant and cut out leaf shapes for ears. Use the candy mold to shape a mouth out of fondant. Roll tiny balls for eyes. Attach pieces to lamb head with melted candy coating. Attach the dipped pretzels to bottom of cookie for legs.

For display: Find a small shallow basket and fill with candy clay. Arrange cookie pops by pushing the sticks down into the clay. Cover with green colored coconut flakes. To learn how to, refer to How-To Color Coconut post.

How-To Color Coconut

Colored coconut flakes can be a great decoration to add to any treat. Easy and cheap to do, colored coconut flakes can add just the right amount of color to your project. Coconut can be used as a garnish or to add texture to a project. With St. Patrick’s Day and Easter coming up, green coconut will make the perfect edible embellishment.

You will need:

Step 1: Start by dumping the coconut flakes into the plastic bag. Add food color. We used the Americolor gel in Electric Green. The Americolors come in a squeeze tube making them easy to use, but any concentrated food color will work. Start with a smaller amount and add more later on if necessary. To make a nice vibrant bright green, we added about 1/2 tsp.

Step 1

Step 2: Next, seal the bag and begin to knead the coconut with your hands. The food color will start to stick to the coconut, making little clumps. Break the clumps by rubbing them together.

Step 2

Step 3: Continue to blend the color until you have one solid color. If the color needs to be darkened, add more food color and repeat steps 1-3. You now have colored coconut flakes to add to any treat needing a little decoration.

Step 3

Green coconut flakes make an excellent grass for Spring or Easter treats! The coconut makes the prefect bed for these adorable chicks and lambs.

Spring Cake Pops

With springtime approaching, its time to start thinking of some spring baking projects. Cake pops are increasingly popular and also adorable. Make a cake pop bouquet for a super cute centerpiece or give one as a gift. They are great for adults as well as kids and easy to eat too! Follow these easy directions to make a fun spring cake pop bouquet.

Spring Cake Pops

What you will need:


Prepare cake balls according to recipe. Chill in refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Melt dark green candy coating using a microwave or double boiler. Remove a couple of cake balls from the refrigerator at a time to keep from getting too soft while working. Dip one end of sucker stick into the melted green coating and insert into cake ball. Let set. Continue with the rest, leaving one for ladybug. Once the coating in completely set, take one at a time and dip into green candy coating. Tap the stick on edge of bowl to get rid of excess chocolate. Place in sucker stand to dry. Melt red candy coating for ladybug and follow same steps as you did with green. When red cake pop is completely dry, pipe a large half circle for the face using a black candy writer. Add candy eyes before chocolate is set. Pipe a line down the center of the back and add black dots. Fill a parchment bag with red candy coating to make a smile. For the flowers, cut rolled fondant using various styles and sizes of cutters or plunger cutters. Attach to green cake pops using a small dab of melted chocolate. Add any extra details to the flowers using piping gel. Fill bottom of clay pot with candy clay. Arrange cake pops by pushing into candy clay. Cover clay with candy beads.

Candy Clay Recipe

Melt 1 pound candy coating and stir in 2/3 cup corn syrup. Mix together and pour onto plastic wrap. Wrap tightly and let set for several hours. The clay will become very firm. Knead with hands to soften.