Spring Is in the Air

With spring (maybe) just around the corner, that means we are in for some rain showers, which then brings the flowers. Here are some activities to get your little ones excited about what’s in store for the next few weeks.

Flower Sucker
Candy coating (any color)
Colored candy writers
Squeeze bottle
Daffodil sucker candy mold

Using clean dry mold, paint details with melted candy from candy writers (Instructions for how to melt candy coating, click here). Let each color set up at room temperature before painting adjoining area.

Melt candy coating and pour melted coating into a squeeze bottle. Squeeze candy coating into mold. Place sucker stick in cavity. Make sure the sucker stick in covered with chocolate or your molded piece may fall off the stick.

Place mold in the freezer for a few minutes or until the candy feels cold and falls from the mold.

Raining Cloud Cookie
Cloud cookie cutter
Circle cookie cutter
White candy coating
Colored candy writers
Black candy beads
Blue Jimmies

Using a cloud cookie cutter, cut out 3 cookies for each finished cookie desired. It is best to use a cookie recipe that doesn’t spread.(For our recipe click here). Next, use a heart, circle or tear shaped cutter to cut the center out of one of the clouds. Make sure to cut the edge also. Transfer cookie to baking sheet taking care not to distort shape. If shape does distort, use cookie cutter to make it as close to the original shape as possible. Three cookies will be needed per cloud. Bake and cool cookie.Dip top cookie in white colored candy coating, add black candy beads for eyes to the cookie. Allowing to dry before assembling cloud.


Using candy coating in parchment cone, squeeze candy coating on one side of the cookie that has been cut out with the tear or circle cutter. Attach the center cookie to the back cookie.

Once coating is set, add the sugar crystals. Make sure the hole is large enoug so the sprinkles can fall out of the cloud when you give it a shake. If the sprinkles don’t come out correctly, you can carefully trim the hole with a serrated knife. If it breaks, just piece it together and glue it in place with candy coating.Using the candy coating in parchment cone, squeeze candy coating on the cookie that is holding the sprinkles.  Add the top cookie. Let candy coating set before tipping your cloud!



Buzzing Cupcake
Jumbo cupcakes, baked and cooled
Parchment paper
Yellow buttercream icing
Yellow sanding sugar
Chocolate buttercream in piping bag and small parchment cone
Candy coating
Edible icing eyes

Dip pretzels in melted candy coating. Place on parchment paper to set.

Ice cupcake (How to make the perfect cupcake, click here) with buttercream. Dip top into sanding sugar before icing crusts.

Place icing eyes. Using a piping bag pipe 2-3 strips across the top of cupcake.

Using small parchment cone pipe mouth. Place candy coated pretzels in place for wings.

Buzzing Cupcake FInal

To see a videos of these and other sweet treats, visit our Facebook page.


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