Gilded Butterfly Cookies

8572-450 close up.jpgThese beautiful butterfly cookies are almost too pretty to eat. Use a variety of colored fondants and dusting powders to create your own unique look.

What You’ll Need
Butterfly cookie cutter texture set
Blue rolled fondant
Lavendar rolled fondant
Green rolled fondant
Piping gel
Gold dusting powder
Grain alcohol

8572-451Cut, bake and cool cookies (For a great sugar cookie recipe click here). Roll the fondants to 4mm thickness (using perfection strips helps insure uniform thickness). Set the butterfly texture mat raised side down. Place the smooth, rolled side of the fondant on top of the butterfly texture mat. Roll over the fondant.

8572-452Flip the mat over and peel back the mat.

8572-453Brush piping gel onto the cookies. Line up the cookie cutter used in baking with the textured butterfly on the cookie.

8572-454Create a paint using gold dusting powder mixed with grain alcohol. Paint the raised, textured butterfly. Holding the brush as parallel to the work surface as possible is best, as the bristles will only touch the raised areas.

Information and images used with permission from the book “Creature Cookies” by Autumn Carpenter.

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