The Easiest Way to Add Letters to Your Cakes

block-all upperAdding a monogram or a message on your cakes or cookies creates a unique and special touch. One of the easiest and best looking ways we have found to do this is with ClikStix. These magical little tools make  nice, clean cut letters and shapes and it’s so simple, easy and fast!

These are a few examples of the ClikStix font styles available. They also have various shape cutters.

To use roll out gum paste or fondant thinly on a non-stick board. Holding the sides of the cutter, firmly press down onto fondant and move the cutter around on the board to remove the excess. Gently rub the fondant to smooth. Lift up the cutter and press the backing strip to eject the shapes from the cutter.

If there is any fondant left in the cutter, use a small ball of fondant to pull it out.

The back of the cutter can be removed if you do not wish to use the back strip. follow the same process, however once pieces are cut, lightly tap cutter on edge of counter to release the pieces.

Be sure to roll fondant thin. If the fondant is too thick, when the back strip is pushed to eject the pieces, it will leave an impression on the fondant pieces.

When necessary, cutters should be hand washed in hot soapy water and left to air dry.

Here’s just a few examples of the types of things you can make using Clikstix.

Visit our Facebook page to watch a quick video on how to use ClikStix.

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