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There are so many colorful and creative treats kids can easily make (with a little help from mom or dad) to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here are a few fun and simple suggestions.

Chocolate Heart Box
Candy Coating
Candy Mold
Valentine’s M&Ms (Or any other small candy you prefer.)

Melt candy coating. Spoon or squeeze chocolate into mold. Lightly tap mold against counter top. If bubbles rise to the surfice gently pop them with a toothpick. Place in freezer until set (usually 10-15 minutes). When mold is cloudy and the candy feels cold, remove from freezer. Pour M&Ms into molded heart.

Cupid’s Crunch
4-6 cups popcorn, rice cereal, pretzels, mini marshmallows, etc…
1 pound White Candy Coating 
Red and Pink Candy Writers
Baking cups
Parchment Paper

Being careful to remove any un-popped kernels from popcorn, combine all dry ingredients in bowl. Pour melted candy coating over dry ingredients and stir to coat.  Spread out on parchment paper. Squeeze candy writers or melted candy coating in various directions over mixture. Add desired amount of sprinkles. Break apart when set and place pieces in baking cups.
Recipe adapted from

Dipped Twinkie®
Paper Sucker Sticks
White Candy Coating
1-2 tablespoons Paramount Crystals
Parchment Paper
Assorted Candy Writers

Melt candy coating, adding Paramount Crystals to thin if needed.  Dip end of sucker stick in candy coating and insert approximately 2/3 into Twinkie. Allow to set a few minutes.  Holding Twinkie over container, spoon coating over Twinkie turning until coated. Place on parchment paper. Once coating is set, drizzle with candy writers and sprinkles.
Recipe adapted from





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