Working with Metallics


Metallics can inject glitz into your confectionary creations. From traditional gold and silver to pastels and unexpected colors like olive and rust, metallics add a beautiful touch to cookies, cakes or any other treats you’re making this holiday. Here are some simple embellishments that can really make your treats something special.

Metallic Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers


Roll fondant out thin. Use tree cutter to cut out fondant. Coat tree with piping gel (one section at a time: trunk, tree, star), then sprinkle with disco dust. Turn tree over so extra dust may fall onto parchment paper to re-use. Alternate colors between different sections for variety.  Using the end of a paint brush and dip into piping gel. Place dots of piping gel onto tree. Place drags onto of piping gel and allow to dry. Let dry completely before putting tree on top of cupcakes.

fondant trees final

fondant tree cupcakes 2 copyDISCO DUST- These beautiful and bright colors will enhance and add great sparkle to any of your projects. Great to sprinkle dry or add to icing or fondant while wet for a more concentrated sparkle. They are classified as “non-toxic for decoration only” so they may be best suited to decorate items that can easily be removed from the cake. Available in dozens of bright metallic colors.

METALLIC DRAGEES- Dragees are for decoration only. This product is non-edible and should be removed before serving. Dragees are not a food product and have no nutritional information. Dragees can be applied while icing is wet or, attach with a dab of piping gel, royal icing, or chocolate.

EDIBLE PEARLS/DRAGEES– A great decoration for cakes, cupcakes, and many other treats. Safe to eat. Dragees and pearls can be applied while icing is wet or, attach with a dap of piping gel, royal icing, or chocolate. Available in many sizes and colors, but do not have the high shine as the non-edible dragees.

Metallic Chocolate Covered Ritz Crackers


Melt candy coating (to find out how, click here). Dip Ritz crackers into melted coating and let excess drip off. When excess is done dripping, let dry. When dry dip half of cookie in candy coating again then dip in coarse sugar to coat.

PEARLIZED COARSE SUGAR- Coarse sugar gives cookies, cakes and confections a beautiful sugar sparkle with added texture. The pearlized finish gives it an extra shine! Coarse sugar is quite a bit thicker than traditional granulated sugar and has more sparkle. It could be compared to the size of pretzel salt. Apply when icing or chocolate is still wet. For a completely covered look, coat project in a thin layer of piping gel and cover with sugar. Several jewel tone colors are available, including gold and silver.

glitter cookie final.jpg

Fancy Star Chocolate Sucker


Melt candy coating (to find out how, click here). Pour melted coating into mold and place sucker sticks in melted coating. Once set, remove from mold. With a fine paint brush, brush over swirl details on chocolate. Let paint dry.

final candy star 2.jpg

CONFECTIONARY PAINT- Confectionary paint is an edible, translucent, glittery glossy glaze paint that can be used to decorate chocolates, fondant, gum paste, icing, dried foods, cookies, crackers, breads, fruits, vegetables and other foods and nonfood items with the stroke of a brush. Similar consistency to tempera paint. Available in several colors.

2016 Happy New Year Cupcakes


Cut number out of rolled fondant. Brush with piping gel and sprinkle with edible glitter. Let pieces dry completely. Ice cupcakes and spray with silver edible spray. Immediately sprinkle with metallic gold extra fine glitter. Top with fondant number.


number final




meatllics number cupcakesEDIBLE GLITTER FLAKES- Add a festive look to your cookies, cakes or dessert with edible glitter! Edible glitter is made of small transparent lightweight flakes, gives projects a shiny metallic appearance. Sprinkle on while icing is still wet. Several colors available.

EXTRA FINE EDIBLE GLITTER Create bright fondant and buttercream designs with extra fine edible glitter dust! The dust can be added to the icing while it is wet. Or, it can be applied by lightly brushing water onto the area you are working with and then sprinkle the dust on top. The dust comes in a small container with a screw on lid. Gives projects a subtle metallic look. Several colors available.

AEROSOL SPRAY COLOR- Spray onto cakes, cookies, marshmallows, popcorn, anything edible to add color! Soft, subtle sheen. Spray with a quick, single swipe for best results. Coverage will vary depending on how heavy a concentration of color is desired. Ideal for buttercream iced projects. Several colors available.

AIRBRUSH COLOR- Highly concentrated spray-on air brush food colors that are extremely effective, even on the hard to color non-dairy whipped toppings and icings. These unique pearlescent colors will add a sheen to your cake and can also be painted on with a brush.

Bronze Confetti Cake


Cut edible paper into squares. Ice cake and let crust. Brush with piping gel and adhere confetti squares to sides and top. Let dry. Mix bronze powder with clear alcohol and paint on.


cake finalNON-EDIBLE METALLIC POWDER Provide the greatest metallic effect. Not approved for food use. Recommended to use on items that can easily be removed from cake. Luster dusts give subtle color with a shimmery, sheen finish. In the dry form, use for dusting. Mix with oil based flavors or alcohol for painting and highlighting.

FDA APPROVED DUSTING POWDERS Very multifunctional allowing you the ability to dry brush, paint on, or even mix into a wide variety of mediums such as gum paste, fondant, sugarpaste, chocolate, cake and cookie doughs, and so much more. In the dry form, use for dusting. Mix with oil based flavors or alcohol for painting and highlighting.
















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