Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies

ugly sweater 2It’s that¬†time of year to break out the Christmas decorations, the eggnog and most importantly the¬†ugly sweaters! These cookies are a fun, tacky take off on this trendy tradition.


On a silicone baking mat, roll cookie dough out with red strips. Transfer cut outs to a baking tray lined with parchment or silicone mat.

For cookies without icing: Attach roller stamp to handle. Roll through flour. Press into cookie dough and roll across to make design. Change roller and repeat to create ugly sweater pattern.

Bake cookies.

Mix up royal icing and divide to color. Once colored, thin to run icing consistency.

Make parchment cones. Insert writing tip. Fill with run icing.

Pipe icing into recessed patterns on sweater cookie. Let icing dry.

For sweaters with icing: Brush cookie with piping gel. Roll fondant out with white perfection strips. Use sweater cutter to cut out fondant. Adhere fondant to cookie. Use roller tool to make impression. (roll in corn starch if sticking to fondant) Fill recessed patterns with run icing. Let icing dry.

cookie final

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