Aztec Dreams Cake

aztec dreams final banner

The bright colors and strong patterns of Aztec designs make them perfect for cake decorating. Using stencils that streamline the beauty of these patterns into thoroughly modern designs, makes for a great statement piece.


8” x  5” round cake

6” x  5” round cake

White fondant

Royal Icing

Flat brush

Small brush

Arrows stencil

Aztecs Dreams stencil

Stencil scraper

Peach Food Color

Terracotta Food Color

Electric Pink Food Color

Burgundy Food Color

Small feather silicone mold set

Large feather silicone mold set

Metallic gold dust

Paint tray

Clear alcohol


Cover cakes in fondant. (See how to do that here.)

aztec dreams painting    aztec dreams painting the cake

Mix small amount of food color with alcohol and brush onto cake with a flat brush. To create depth, apply more color in some places and less in others.

aztec dreams splattering the cake

Make a mixture of terracotta and burgundy color. Dip the paint brush into the mixture and  lightly “flick” onto cake for splatter effect.

Mix royal icing, follow instructions and beat until it forms a soft peak.

Brush the back of the stencil with shortening and secure it to side of cake.

aztec dreams Royal icing

Gently apply icing over entire stencil. Use stencil scraper to remove excess icing. Carefully remove the stencil.

aztec dreams scraping excess royal

When icing on the cake is dry (about 10 minutes), overlap the pattern with stencil and repeat. Start on the right side of the original pattern, then stencil to the left of the original pattern. Continue alternating sides until the entire cake has been stenciled. Let dry completely. Wash and dry stencils.

aztec dreams painting gold

Paint stencil with gold paint made with alcohol and gold dust.

To make the feathers, brush molds with corn starch. Roll fondant 1/8” thick.

aztec dream laying fondant on moldaztec dreams feather mold press

Place fondant piece over bottom mold. Press fondant into mold with fingers.

Roll over with rolling pin until excess is cut away.

Align top piece and firmly press down. Remove feather from mold.

aztec dreams painting feather

When dry, paint gold with the small paint brush.

Stack the cakes (See how to do that here.)

aztec dreams royal icing with feathersaztec dreams applying feathers

When dry, use royal icing to attach the feathers to the cake in a cluster.

aztec dreams cake finalEnjoy!


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