Mystery Cookie Cutter Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who voted in our Mystery Cookie Cutter Contest! We had over 1,000 total votes! That’s a lot of votes! The employees had a lot of fun creating their entries and it showed. Here are the results from the contest:

1st Place – Entry #7


Employee: Allison


Supplies used:


Cover cookie in white rolled fondant. Use paring knife to make the cut-out for the handle. Cut out accents from thinly rolled pink and purple fondant using the paring knife. Attach all pieces to the teapot with piping gel. Roll yellow fondant into thin ropes for the trim pieces and attach with piping gel. Use a paint brush to paint all yellow fondant with gold dust. Draw on face with black marker and paint lips with gel food color.


2nd Place – Entry #3


Employee: Theresa


Supplies used:


Cover cookies in flesh-colored fondant. Cut a 1½ and 3″ circle out of white fondant and cut in half. Cut out a blue 2½” fondant circle and cut in half. Take the larger white half circle, cut the rounded part off and discard. Add piece to the blue half circle and attach to Andy’s head. The smaller two white half circles make his collar. Cut a strip of blue fondant about 4″ long. Use the skewer to ruffle one end and gather onto the bottom of Ann. Use extruder to make long strands of red “hair” and wrap around skewer to curl. Attach curl to piping gel on cookie and remove skewer. Use mini accent cutters to cut out Ann and Andy’s nose and eyes. With the finest round opening in the extruder, make black strings for smiles and eyelashes. Use the q-tip and pink dust to make rosie cheeks.


3rd Place – Entry #16


Employee: Sarah


Supplies used:


Roll fondant and cut out five ovals from yellow, five circles from light blue, and five purple crescents. Cover cookie in green fondant. Use oval cutter to cut out and remove green fondant from cookie. Insert yellow fondant oval. Use round cutter to cut out and remove yellow fondant from cookie. Insert blue fondant circle. Repeat for purple crescent shape. Cut peacock body out of royal blue fondant using the second largest paisley cutter. Use the second smallest paisley cutter to cut out the head. Mix a small amount of royal and light blue fondant together. Roll out and cut wings using the middle size cutter. Attach to cookie with piping gel.

Again, thank you to everyone who voted!


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