Custom Edible Images for Cutie Cupcake Cutters

If you are looking for an adorable way to decorate cupcakes for a baby shower or cookies for a friend, consider Cutie Cupcake Cutters and their coordinating Edible Images. With these two products you can easily create cut-out cookies or fondant accents for cupcakes or a cake that are covered in fun patterned designs.

There are currently two Edible Image sets available; Fluttering Friends which is used with the coordinating Fluttering Friends Cutie Cupcake Cutter Set, and Jungle Friends that is used with the Jungle Cutie Cupcake Cutter Set. Both Edible Image sets come in a package with 6 images of each design, 24 images total.

LK-47562d43-4851                                    LK-47563c43-4859

With little knowledge of working with fondant, you can quickly create designer cookies and accents following these simple steps:

1. Thinly roll out white or light colored fondant.

2. Brush the back of the image with piping gel and adhere image to the fondant.


3. Use the coordinating Cutie Cutter to cut out the image.


4. If you are decorating cookies, immediately place the fondant piece onto baked cookie that has been brushed with piping gel, or iced with a thin layer of buttercream. If you are making accents, let the fondant piece dry several hours before placing on the cake or cupcakes.


LK-47562b LK-47562c

LK-47563a LK-47563b



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