Edible Book Festival 2015

Just like the last few years, several employees from Country Kitchen SweetArt again participated in the local Edible Book Festival. The festival is held at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne Community College and accepts edible entries of all types depicting a book or book title. Visitors get to view all the entries and then, the best part, eat them!

This year, the employees chose the children’s book, “Little Loon and Papa” by Toni Buzzeo, illustrated by Margaret Spengler. The book tells the tale of a young loon learning to dive into the water for the first time. Little Loon must use his father’s guidance to navigate through the frightening situations he finds himself in and finally learn to dive.

The 3 tiered cake features hand modeled creatures and rocks, and cascading water. Several mediums were used to create the cake: fondant, chocolate, and royal icing. Various colors of fondant were used to cover the three cakes and to model the moose, bear, beaver, and loons. Blue and white swirled royal icing starts at the top of the cake, flows to the bottom, and includes molded chocolate fish. Pretzel sticks, edible chocolate rocks, and uncooked spaghetti noodles with the ends dipped in chocolate for cat tails finish off the cake.


bear beaver fish loon moose

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