Baking Cup Review: Which Brand Holds its Color Best

There are so many types of baking cups by so many companies in all sorts of papers and colors that it’s hard to keep them all straight. We carry at least 9 different brands of baking cups; some grease-proof, some not, some made of glassine paper, and others lined with foil. What’s the difference in these types of cups? Read All About Baking Cups.

We get asked a lot which cupcake papers hold their color and which show grease. Every baking case is different. Differences in flavors of cake, brands of cake batter, and baking times can all make for different outcomes. So, it’s difficult to give a 100% answer. We decided to take a sample baking cup from every brand that we carry, bake a chocolate and white cupcake in each, and then compare the outcomes.

Check out the results below. The unbaked cupcake paper is on the far left. The chocolate cupcake is on the right with the white cupcake in the middle.

Solid Colors

The solid color baking cups from each company seemed to perform the same. None of them faded or turned colors during baking. However, the chocolate cupcake did show through on all the papers. Probably the best one by a fraction would be the solid Wilton brand paper.


CK Products (item # 415-)


Linnea’s Cake & Candy (Item # LCC-)


Cupcake Creations (Item # SC-)


Wilton (Item # 415-)


Viking Importing (Item # VIC-)


Again, these two brands performed very similarly. And again, the Wilton brand white cup looks slightly better (not as dark).


CK Products (Item # 85-)


Wilton (Item # 415-)


With the printed baking cups, we chose sample cups that either had some white or lighter color areas. The best looking paper when it came to the chocolate cupcake, was the Meri Meri brand liner. And the Cupcake Creations came in a close second.


Amscan (Item # AMS-)


Bradshaw International (Item # BI-)


Fox Run (Item # FR-)


Linnea’s Cake & Candy (Item # LCC-)


Meri Meri (Item # MR-)


Martha Stewart (Item # NM-)


Cupcake Creations (Item # SC-)


Viking Importing (Item # VIC-)


Wilton (Item # 415-)

Foil Lined

Both of these liners baked perfectly. No discoloring or grease spots. You can’t even tell which is the chocolate cupcake and which is the white.


Wilton (Item # 415-)


Fox Run (Item # FR-)

This post is just to let you see how various cupcake papers we carry bake. Don’t let this hinder you from buying a paper that you really love. There are things that you can do to help the papers keep their designs and color. One option is to bake the cupcakes in a less expensive plain white paper, and then setting the cupcakes into the fancier papers once baked. Another option is to double up on the papers. Instead of baking in just one, use 2 papers to line each cupcake tin. And then of course, if you are planning on baking in lighter colored cups, bake white or yellow cupcakes and avoid chocolate if possible. Happy cupcake baking!

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