Making The Perfect Cupcake

Making a great cupcake comprises of three parts: the cupcake itself, the filling, and the icing. Each have their own tips and tricks for getting them just right. Once you have mastered all three, you have made the perfect cupcake.


 Getting the baking process down is essential. Cupcakes should have a slight dome on top. Filling the cups too full will cause the batter to spill over and create a ‘cap’ which doesn’t look nice. Using a portion scoop to fill the cups will ensure your cupcakes are uniform each time.

1. Place cupcake papers in the pan. Fill each cup about 2/3 full.


2. Bake according to the recipe instructions. Test cupcakes with a cake tester to be sure they are done. Let cupcakes cool in pan until they are cool enough to handle, then transfer them to a cooling rack to finish cooling.


Who doesn’t love a cupcake with filling in the middle? There are many options for types of fillings you can use, as well as tools to fill with. Some tools may work better than others depending on the size of cupcake and the type of filling you use. A cupcake corer (shown here) removes the center of the cupcake for just the right amount of filling.

1. Insert corer into the cupcake until the guard is resting on the top of the cupcake. Remove the corer and eject the cupcake center.


2. Cut the top off the cupcake center.


3. Squeeze filling into the hallowed out center of the cupcake almost to the top.


4. Place the cut top piece back on the cupcake, covering up the filling.



No cupcake is complete without its icing. But choosing the flavor of the icing isn’t even the hardest part- it’s deciding on how the cupcake will be decorated. There are several tips that once perfected, will be a fast and simple way to decorate professional looking cupcakes.

1. Drop the tip down into a pastry bag so that 1/3 of it sticks outside. Fill the bag with icing.

2. Pipe a small mound of icing  in the center of the cupcake. Pipe a ring around the center mound and continue piping until the mound in the center is covered. The swirl should be piped with one fluid motion without stopping or changing pressure.


Above, are some of the most popular tips used for decorating cupcakes. Clockwise: tip 30-2E, tip 30-6B, tip ATC-807, and tip 30-1M.

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