How-To Assemble A Gingerbread House

Decorating gingerbread houses is a holiday ritual that many families participate in. It’s a great activity for children and adults to share. Even if you haven’t decorated a house in the past, it’s never too late to start a new family tradition. Pre-made gingerbread house kits are very easy to put together and can be quite inexpensive. Remember its best to assemble the house and let it dry several hours or overnight before you start decorating.

Supplies needed:

Step 1: Fill pastry bag with royal icing and cut off the end. Pipe a line of icing on the board the same length as the front piece. Stand front piece up into the icing.

Step 2: While holding the front, pipe a line of icing along the inside edge and on the board the same height and length of the side piece.

Step 3: Place side piece into the icing and repeat Step 2 for second side.

Step 4: Pipe icing down the outer edges of both sides and straight across connecting the two. Attach back piece to sides.

Step 5: Pipe icing along both top edges and attach 1 roof piece at a time. Finish with a bead of icing down the center. *Larger houses may require you to wait a few minutes before attaching the roof.

*Let royal icing completely harden at least 4 hours before adding any decoration.

**Use icing to attach candy pieces, cookies, pretzels, etc. to gingerbread house.


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