Employee Cookie Contest Winners

A while back, employees were asked to decorate cookies in other ways than how the cutter was intended. We had a lot of fun and unique entries that proved one cookie cutter is good for many other uses. Customers in the store and online were asked to vote for their favorite entries. Here’s what you chose:

In third place is Allison with her ‘Minions’ cookies made from a flip-flop cookie cutter.



Items used:

To replicate Allison’s cookies:

Cut out cookies using the flip-flop cookie cutter. Then use the cutter to turn some of the cookies into short minions. Bake. Thinly roll out yellow fondant and cut using the flip-flop cutter. Brush cookies with piping gel and attach the fondant. Roll out blue fondant and again cut out with the same cookie cutter. Brush the bottom half of the minions with piping gel and attach the blue fondant. To make the pockets, use the largest square cutter from the mini accent set and cut out blue fondant. Use a 2 in 1 tool to make the indentations around the edges that look like stitch work. Attach the pockets with piping gel. Use an edible marker to draw the logo onto the pocket.

To make the minion’s hand, use the largest square from the accent set and a paring knife to create fingers. Roll a small amount of yellow fondant into a banana shape and use the 2 in 1 tool to make the peel. Attach the banana onto the front of the minion with piping gel and attach the hand over the banana. Make the goggles by cutting rings out of black fondant using the large and medium circle cutters from the mini accent set. Attach goggles to face with piping gel. Pipe brown irises using royal icing and cut pupils out of black fondant with the smallest circle accent cutter. Cut strips of black fondant using a paring knife and attach to the face for goggle straps. Use an edible marker to make the mouths and hair. Roll out white fondant and cut using the smallest square cutter from the accent set. Cut that piece into 4 smaller pieces and attach to the mouths for teeth. Use the medium oval cutter to cut shoes out of black fondant and attach to the minions.

In second place was Lindsay with her sheep cookies made out of two sizes of baby bib cutters.



Items used:

To replicate Lindsay’s cookies:

Cut out cookies and bake. Mix up royal icing and slightly thin down to outline the bibs. After the bibs have been outlined, thin down the royal icing a little more and fill in the bibs. Take some icing from the original batch and color it black. Use the black icing to pipe sheep heads onto parchment paper. Allow the cookies and the sheep heads to dry for 24 hours. Once the cookies are set, pipe swirls with thinned down royal icing. Remove the sheep heads from the parchment and attach to the bodies with icing. With white icing, pipe eyes and mouths. Let dry.

And in first place is Jill with her basket of puppies and Noah’s ark cookies both made from an Easter egg cutter.



Items used:

For basket of puppies:

For Noah’s ark:

To replicate Jill’s cookies:

Basket of puppies:

Pipe basket using basket weave tip and chocolate buttercream. Use the same tip to pipe the basket’s handle. Roll out red fondant and use texture mat to make swirl pattern. Cut the fondant to fit the cookie and use scissors to make the fringe. Attach to the cookie at the top of the basket. Color small amounts of gray and different shades of brown for the dogs’ bodies. Use the large open tip to pipe the dogs bodies. Attach heads and pearls for the collars. Break two bones in half, form them into an ‘x’, and attach them to the basket handle with piping gel. Pipe a flower on top the bones and add a pearl in the center.

Noah’s Ark:

Roll out brown fondant using the wood grain mat for texture. Cut out with the egg cutter and use the 2 in 1 tool to make lines and nail holes for the wood boards. Attach to cookie with piping gel. Color small amounts of fondant  to be used for the rainbow and a larger amount of sky blue fondant. Form sky blue fondant into an arch shape and flatten. Roll the rainbow colors into thin ropes and wrap around the outer edge of the sky blue piece. Roll over the fondant to flatten together. Use the egg cutter to cut the fondant to fit the cookie and attach with piping gel. Cut two strips of brown wood grain textured fondant for the arch. The seam will be in the middle. Use the clay extruder along with the rope disk to make the railing out of brown fondant. Attach to the ark with piping gel. Color small amounts of buttercream for the different animals. Pipe the animal bodies just above the railing and attach the heads. Roll out blue fondant using the wave texture mat. Use a round cutter or a small pizza cutter to cut the wave shape at the top. Use the egg cookie cutter to cut the wave to fit the cookie and attach with piping gel. Add a couple of dolphins to the water. Freehand a small dove holding a fig branch and place in the middle of the arch to hide the seam.

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