Employee Contest Winners

Thanks to all of you who participated in our employee contest. We were happy that so many customers voted! It was a lot of fun to see our employees come up with creative ways to use the new products. We had three categories that you could vote in. Voters could choose the same entry for all three, or a different one for each category if they wished. Below are the employees who made the winning entries. See a picture of their cake, a list of the supplies that were used, and read the description of how they made it. Here are the results:

Creative Use

1st Place – Entry #2 with 248 votes

2nd Place – Entry #5 with 138 votes

3rd Place – Entry #6 with 111 votes

Overall Favorite

1st Place – Entry #2 with 220 votes

2nd Place – Entry #6 with 203 votes

3rd Place – Entry #1 with 57 votes

Best Craftsmanship

1st Place – Entry #2 with 310 votes

2nd Place – Entry #6 with 186 votes

3rd Place – Entry #5 with 35 votes

Entry #2

Becky Carpenter


List of supplies used from our store:

contest2 (1 of 1)

How to replicate Becky’s cake:

Cover a 9″ double layer cake in white fondant. Cover a 6″ double layer in baby blue fondant. Stack the cake using your preferred stacking method. Use the mosaic marker to score the top tier, and attach pearls in the connecting points with piping gel. Roll out gum paste thin and use the cutter to cut out the mask. Dry the mask on a plastic mask form (available at Hobby Lobby). Tint white gum paste with a little amount of black food color to make a gray. Use candy mold to form gum paste fleur de lis. Brush silver crystal pearl on the fleur de lis to make them silver. Using the frill cutter, cut swags out of left over light blue fondant. Frill the edges with a ball tool. Combine white and orange fondant to make a peach color. Cut accents out of peach fondant with the jacobean cutters. Attach swags to bottom tier with royal icing and add the fleur de lis in all the meeting points of the swags. Cut triangle pieces out of peach and light blue fondant and attach them to the bottom layer. After triangles are attached, pipe around them with a small writing tip. Roll out gum paste colored to match the peach and blue fondant, a little thicker than normal and texture with feather mats. Use cutters to cut out feathers small scissors to cut the edges to make them look more realistic. Form the shapes drying the feathers in a container full of equal parts powdered sugar and corn starch. Once dry, brush the feathers with different luster and petal dusts. Brush the mask with crystal pearl color. Glue the feathers to the mask using melted candy coating. Dip a sucker stick in candy coating and insert it into the center of the top tier. Prop the mask up against the stick. Use a larger open tip and pipe a border around the bottom cake and a smaller writing tip to pipe a border around the top cake. Using an airbrush machine spray the entire cake with pearl sheen.

Entry #6

Allison Lawrence


List of supplies used from our store:

contest6 (1 of 1)

How to replicate Allison’s cake:

Cover a 16″ single layer cake in green fondant. Cover a 7″ and 4″ single layer cake in black fondant. Place the 7″ cake on top the 16″ cake centered left to right but placed more towards the back. Stack the 4″ cake on top the 7″ lining up with the back. Insert wooden dowels around the 7″ cake. Hot glue a 1 gallon ice cream bucket lid to the top of the dowels. Cut out the center of the lid. To make the peak of the tent, hot glue wooden dowels angling inward to a 2nd gallon ice cream lid.  At the top of the dowels, hot glue a small cup lid with an opening for a straw. Roll out the white fondant into a rectangle shape and cut a straight line for the bottom of the tent sides. With additional help, carefully wrap the fondant around the ice cream lid that is glued to the dowels inserted into the cake. To hold the fondant in place, feed the top into the whole cut out of the lid. Let the fondant naturally drape around the 7″ cake. Cut wide strips of white fondant and drape over the opening to the tent. Pinch the fondant to hold in place to look as if the curtains were drawn back. Cover the peak of the tent by rolling out white fondant into a circle, cut a slit almost to the center, and wrap it around the wooden dowels. After the tent tarp has dried (about 24 hours), thinly roll out red fondant and cut into wide strips. Attach the strips to the cake using piping gel. Place the peak onto the tarp and attach with piping gel. Roll red fondant into a rope for the very top of the peak and also for where the sides meet the peak of the tent. Make two additional smaller ‘ropes’ for the tied back curtains and attach with piping gel. Out of red fondant, cut out the top flag by hand. Wrap the wide end around the red straw and attach with piping gel. Let dry over-night on top of dowels to give it a rippled look. Once dry, insert straw into the top peak, feeding it through the straw hole in the lid. Insert two long wooden dowels into the 16″ cake in front of the tarp slightly angled outwards. Measure out two pieces of twine to go from the top flag pole to the wooden dowels. Tie one end of the twine to the top flag and the other end to the wooden dowel, pulled tight, but not too tight. Cut newspaper into diamonds and then fold in half around the twine and tape. Color small amounts of gum paste in brown, tan, pale and dark orange, soft pink, gray, and pale gray. To make the elephant, cut the body out of darker gum paste using the cutie cutter set. Use the comma shaped cutter from the accessory set to cut the ear out of lighter gray paste. Stretch the back leg just slightly to make it longer. Use a black food marker to make the smile and the eye. Attach the ear and peanut on the top of the trunk with piping gel. Allow the elephant to dry completely before placing on cake. Once dry, Place a silver baking cup upside down on the 4″ cake. Insert two toothpicks through the cup, into the cake. Place the elephant on top of the cup, using the toothpicks for support. Attach the elephant with piping gel and place peanuts around the base. For the lion, roll out pale orange paste and use the cutter from the jungle cutie set to cut. Make lion’s accents with the darker shade of gum paste. Roll a small ball of pink fondant for the nose and make the eyes with a black food pen. Once the lion has dried, prop it up on top of the backing cup using toothpicks for support. Color 8 toothpicks black with the food pen. Take black rope licorice and attach to the tops of the toothpicks. Place the cage around the lion and attack to the baking cup with piping gel. Cut the bear out of brown gum paste and use a black food pen to make the leg, nose, and eyes. Cut a tutu out of pink paste and fray the edges. Brush the tutu with piping gel and sprinkle with disco dust.  Attach to the bear with piping gel. Once the bear has completely dried, place it on top of another upside down baking cup on top the 7″ cake. Use toothpicks to prop up the bear and attach it with piping gel. Cut monkeys out of brown gum paste and use the mini accessory set to cut the accents out of tan paste. Use a black food pen for the eyes and a toothpick to make the indentations for the nose and belly button. Once dry, insert toothpicks in front of the tent and attach the monkeys using piping gel. Make rocks out of the leftover gum paste from the elephant. Attach the rocks randomly on the cake with piping gel. Add green food color to the buttercream to make a leaf green and pipe grass and leaves around the base and back part of the cake. Make fondant bushes by rolling balls of green fondant and using a toothpick to make the texture. Attach to the cake with a little buttercream. Finish off the tent by cutting out a white banner out of fondant. Once dry, use a black food pen to write “My Little Circus” and attack to the cake with piping gel.

Entry #5

Lindsay Miller


List of supplies used from our store:

  • 41-8028 – Turquoise Food Color
  • 41-8030 – Regal Purple Food Color
  • 43-1874 – Lilac Disco Dust
  • 43-1885 – Pixie Disco Dust
  • 43-1821 – Emerald Disco Dust
  • TSA-SP605 – Ultra Purple Sterling Pearl Dust
  • TSA-EC106 – Mockingbird Elite Dust
  • TSA-SP602 – Periwinkle Sterling Pearl Dust
  • 43-1921 – Ultra White Star Dust
  • 43-4803 – Scroll Cupcake and Cookie Texture Tops
  • 43-7402 – Gem Ribbon Cutter
  • 27-2212 – 12″ Round Cake Drum
  • 76-132 – Gelatin
  • CCN-FLWR1 – Gelatin Veining Sheet – Flower 1
  • CCN-FLWR2 – Gelatin Veining Sheet – Flower 2
  • CCN-LEAF1 – Gelatin Veining Sheet – Leaf 1
  • CCN-LEAF2 – Gelatin Veining Sheet – Leaf 2
  • CCN-HB – Herringbone Gelatin Texture Sheet
  • 76-2011 – Piping Gel
  • 77-201 – Gum Paste Mix
  • 77-770 – Satin Ice Rolled Fondant
  • 43-4876 – Traditional Feather Cutter Set
  • 43-4732 – Traditional Feather Texture Set

contest5 (1 of 1)

How to replicate Lindsay’s cake:

Cover both a 7″ and 10″ round double layer cake in white rolled fondant. Stack the cakes using your preferred stacking method. Insert a large, wooden skewer through the center of both cakes. Mix the violet pearl dust with clear alcohol and paint it on both tiers. Use the purple and turquoise food color to color the gum paste. Roll the gum paste out very thin and then place the gum paste over the feather texture mat and roll over it once. Use the feather cutters to cut out each feather. Take an exacto knife and cut slits in the edges of all the feathers and manipulate the paste to give the feathers a realistic look. Let the feathers dry 24 hours. Brush the feathers with the luster and petal dusts. To make the border, texture and cut out more feathers and while they are still soft, wrap the around the bases of each cake. Next, mix the gelatin up. Use the same food colors to color the gelatin. Brush the gelatin over the gelatin mats and let dry over 24 hours. When the gelatin has dried, remove the pieces from the mats and add disco dust around the edges using piping gel. Form rice krispies into a mound on top of the cake. Roll out a white strip of fondant for the headband and emboss with the ribbon cutter. Brush thin layers of piping gel onto the band and sprinkle with disco dust. Roll fondant over the cupcake texture top and cut with a round scalloped cutter. Attach to the sides of the headband with piping gel and add feathers. Let the headband dry and then place it around the rice krispie mound. Attach it with piping gel. Attach feathers to the rice krispies with royal icing. Once they have dried in place, add the gelatin pieces with piping gel.

Entry #1

Nancy Jones, Bethany Jones, Jason Buchwald


List of supplies used from our store:

contest1 (1 of 1)

How to replicate Nancy, Bethany, and Jason’s cake:

Cover a 10″ square cake with black rolled fondant. Attach it to the board using a small amount of icing. Use the clay extruder to create the long thin ropes with blue fondant. Attach the ropes to the cake with piping gel. Roll out yellow fondant and cut out two sizes of circles using the mini accent cutter set. While you have yellow fondant rolled out, cut out the skull shape from the halloween cutie set. Create the Pac Man by cutting off the bottom of the skull and using the largest triangle cutter from the accent set to make the mouth. Attach the Pac Man to the cake with piping gel. Roll out a small amount of pink and green fondant and cut out using the ghost cutter from the halloween cutie set. Cut off the ghosts’ arms and attach icing eyes with a dot of piping gel. Attach ghosts to the cake with more piping gel. Roll out red fondant and use the alphabet cutter set to cut out the letters. Make the cherries by cutting out small circles of red fondant using the mini accent set and use the clay extruder to form the green ‘stems’. Attach the letters and  cherries to the cake using piping gel. The last step is to pipe a bead of black buttercream around the base of the cake and attach the sixlets all the way around.

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