Cutie Cupcake Product Contest

The CKSA employees were asked to participate in a contest promoting new products that will be available the end of May. They were asked to come up with designs using any of the new Cutie Cupcake Cutter Sets or Feather Texture Mats and Cutters. Entries could be any could be anything; cupcakes, cookies, a cake, or anything else creative! Everyone was asked to use their imagination and come up with unique designs that would show the different ways in which you can use these new products.

Here are the new products that the employees could choose to work with. There are 9 different Cutie Cupcake Cutter Sets and 2 Feather Texture Sets and Feather Cutter Sets. Employees could pick just one product, or a combination of the products for their entries. For more information on the Cutie Cupcake Cutter Sets, visit our previous post.

cutie cupcake set


This was a fun way to see the creativeness of our fellow employees. But, it is a contest, so there must be a winner, and we’re asking you to pick them! There are 3 categories for you to place your vote. You can pick a different entry for each category, or if you feel it fits, the same entry for multiple categories. Just pick the entry that you feel best describes the category.

To vote: At the end of this post there are 3 polls, one for each of the categories. Choose the entry that you think best exemplifies that category. Then, when you have finished voting, email us at to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $25 Country Kitchen SweetArt gift card! Just leave us your name and a statement that you would like to entered into the drawing. If you are the winner, we will contact you by email. **We will not sell or distribute your email**

Here are the categories for judging:

    • Most creative use of the cutters or feathers
    • Overall favorite
    • Best Craftsmanship (done well)

Take a look at what the employees came up with! A lot of creativity and time was put into these entries!

contest2 (1 of 1)

Entry #2- Uses Feather Texture Sheet and Cutter Sets

contest5 (1 of 1)

Entry #5 – Uses Feather Texture Sheet and Cutter Sets

contest8 (1 of 1)

Entry #8- Uses Feather Texture Sheet and Cutter Sets

Here’s an overview of all the cakes so you don’t have to scroll so far up the page to view them again.

contest entries

Below are the polls. Please answer all 3. Don’t forget to email us and let us know you voted and would like to be entered into the drawing!

14 thoughts on “Cutie Cupcake Product Contest

  1. All the entries were great and worthy of winning! Please enter me for the $25.00 prize drawing…………always love visiting your store, and appreciate your FB entries with fresh ideas. lf

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