Something on a Stick Day

That’s right. Today is the day where you get to celebrate all foods that come on a stick. Corn dogs, kabobs, and lollipops all now have a proper holiday for you to adore them on.

Even foods that never used to be, are being put on a stick. Cookies, cake, and other bite sized treats are all seen sporting a trendy stick now a days. ‘On a stick’ items are great for dessert buffets, birthday parties, and celebrations. They are easy for kids to handle and make serving a cinch. Plus, they’re cute!

Marshmallow Ladybug ‘On a Stick’


What you need:

Insert a stick into each marshmallow. Dip marshmallows into melted red candy coating. Allow as much of the excess to drip off as possible before placing the marshmallow into a piece of styrofoam or sucker stand to dry. Next melt the black candy coating. Dip the ends of the marshmallows into the black coating and again, let the excess drain off. Cut the licorice into short increments, about 1″ in length. Poke 3 small holes into each side of the marshmallow. Dip one end on the licorice into melted red coating and insert ‘legs’ into the marshmallow.

Pour the melted black coating into a squeeze bottle with a fine opening. Draw one line a black chocolate down the middle of the marshmallow. Make various sizes of spots on the ladybug’s back. Put 2 small dabs of melted chocolate on the end and attach the eyes. Pipe a smile using the pink candy writer.

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