Spring Butterfly Cupcake

butterfly cupcake

Spring is almost here! (just 1 day away) These butterfly cupcakes are great for kids to help decorate. They are simple and fun to make. Make them as an after-school activity, a spring birthday party, or just because!

Items needed:

Bake cupcakes in lime green papers and let cool. Fill a pastry bag fit with a grass tip with lime green buttercream. Pipe long blades of grass over the entire cupcake. Mold the butterfly’s body out of dark chocolate candy clay or a Tootsie roll. Roll a small piece into a ball for the head. Cut short pieces of black rope licorice for the antenna and insert into the top of the head. Place the body on the cupcake. Place two pretzel twists on both sides of the butterfly’s body and insert them into the icing. Sprinkle grass with small, colorful flower sprinkles and place one large edible flower in front of the butterfly.


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