Bunny and Carrot Cake

Bunny and Carrot Cake

What you will need to make the cake:


Bake and cool cakes. Lightly ice the cakes with buttercream icing. Knead and soften baby blue fondant and roll out to desired thickness. Using your prefered stacking method, secure the 7″ cake on top of the 12″ cake. For instructions on how to cover a cake in rolled fondant, visit our previous blog How-To Cover A Cake In Rolled Fondant. For instructions in how to stack a cake, visit our previous blog How-To Stack A Cake.

Use food color to make electric green buttercream icing and fill a bag fitted with a grass tip. Pipe grass around the bases of both cakes and allow icing to crust. Melt orange and green candy coating and use to fill carrot mold. Carefully brush piping gel onto the cake board and the top of the 12″ cake. Sprinkle with cookie crumbs and gently press down using your finger. Cut the bottoms off the carrots and place them randomly around in the dirt using a dot of melted candy coating to secure them. Roll out the purple fondant very thin and use the funky letter cutter to cut out ‘Happy Easter’. Attach the letters to the front of the cakes with piping gel.

What you will need to make the bunny:


Mold ears out of white gum paste and let them dry 24 hours before making the body. Make the body by shaping a large ball of gum paste into the shape of a chocolate kiss, then flatten the top. Insert the wooden candy apple stick into the top cake; leave about 2″ out of the top. Place the bunny body onto the stick, allowing the bunny to rest on the top of the cake.

Color a small amount of orange and green gum paste. Mold the carrot and carrot top and attach together with tylose glue. Place the carrot in bunny’s hands and attach with tylose glue.

Roll ropes of white gum paste and form them into the bunny’s arms and legs. Attach the limbs to the body using piping gel or tylose glue. Form a ball shape out of gum paste for the head and attach the ears while the gum paste is still soft. Color a small amount of gum paste pink and black. Roll tiny balls for eyes and a small triangle shape for the nose. Attach to the bunny face and make indentations for mouth. Once the bunny’s body is dry, attach the head.


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