Naughty or Nice Cake Pops

naughtyornice pops

Find out who’s naughty and who’s nice with these cake pops. Easy to make and super-cute, these pops will be a hit with you and your guests!



1) Make stockings using cake pop press. Follow the instructions from our previous post on cake pop presses. Dip one end of the stick into melted red candy coating and insert it into the cake pop without removing it from the press.


2) Dip the pop into melted red candy coating and let the excess drain off. Place the pop into styrofoam to dry.


3) When the red coating is completely dry, dip the top of the cake pop into melted white candy coating. Let the extra chocolate drip off and place pop back into the styrofoam to dry.


4) To make stockings filled with coal, put a dab of chocolate on the bottom of several pieces of “coal” and attach to the top of the cake pop. Finish by attaching a holly sugar lay-on to the stocking.


5) To make the stockings filled with toys, make a small puddle of white chocolate on top and attach “toys”. Some sugar pieces may need to be cut or broken to make them look as if they are stuffed into the stocking. Finish with a holly sugar piece.


6) Wrap candy clay in plastic wrap and push into the bottom of a container. Arrange pops into the clay and pour the remaining black coal on top.






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