Transfer Sheet Hard Candy Suckers

Using transfer sheets on chocolate dipped treats has been a popular trend for some time now. But did you know that they can also be used on hard candy?  Transfer sheets can add color and design to an otherwise plain treat. A regular dipped sandwich cookie or piece of candy can become a festive holiday treat or perfect party favor when topped with the right transfer.

This idea came from Lucks website and we thought we would give it a shot! A little sceptical at first, it turned out to be a very easy process with really cute results! With all the different transfer sheets on the market, there are tons of really cute possibilities.

Step 1: Spray mold with non-stick cooking spray. Wipe excess out w/ paper towel. Mold must be for hard candy and have a flat surface.

Step 2: Cut transfer sheet to fit down inside mold. A cookie cutter slightly smaller in size than the mold cavity works well as a template to trace around. Put the cut transfers texture side up into the mold cavity.

Step 3: Make hard candy. Can be colored and flavored if desired. For a good hard candy recipe, click here. Let the candy cool to at least 170° before pouring into the molds.

Step 4: Insert the sucker sticks into the candy and roll so that the end is completely covered in hard candy.

Step 5: Let candy cool completely before removing from molds. Carefully peel off the plastic from the transfer sheet and discard.

7 thoughts on “Transfer Sheet Hard Candy Suckers

    • you must wait for the hard candy to cool slightly before pouring it into the molds. If the candy is too hot, it will melt the plastic from the transfer sheet and you won’t be able to peel it off. Be sure you are spraying your candy mold with cooking spray.

    • The acetate paper that the transfers are printed on are way too stiff to be able to wrap around something sphere shaped. With a 3-d ball sucker mold you can place an image on the flat surface so that when you form two the halves together, the image is then in the middle of the lollipop. Something like that MIGHT work. Good luck!

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