Pink Awareness Ribbon Treats

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. These cookies, cupcakes, and suckers make the perfect sweet treats for fundraising events, friends and family members, or just because.

Pink Ribbon Suckers

You will need:


Melt half a bag each of the pink and white candy coating. Fill the ribbon candy mold with chocolate and insert the sucker stick. Place in the freezer until the candy is cold and the mold is cloudy. Remove the suckers and place on a parchment sheet. Brush the suckers with pearl dust. Using the pink food color, color the white rolled fondant. Roll the fondant out thin and use the smallest size heart cutter to cut out mini hearts. Brush the hearts with piping gel and sprinkle with disco dust. Attach hearts to suckers using a dot of melted candy coating. Let the coating dry and arrange suckers in a stand or pot to display, or package each sucker in a clear cellophane bag.

Pink Ribbon Cookies

You will need:


Cut cookie dough out using awareness ribbon cutter; bake and cool completely. Fill a parchment cone with run sugar icing and ice the cookies and allow them to set. Color white fondant using pink food color and roll out very thin. Use the smallest heart cutter to cut out mini hearts. Bruch the hearts with piping gel and sprinkle with disco dust. Spray the cookies with pearl spray and allow to dry. Prepare a parchment bag with a small hole to outline each cookie with royal icing. Once the outlines have dried, attach a mini heart to each cookie with a dot of piping gel.

Pink Ribbon Cupcakes

You will need:


Bake cupcakes in the polka-dotted liners and allow to cool. Fit a pastry bag with a 1M tip and fill with buttercream icing. Pipe a mound in the center of the cupcake and starting on the outside edge, pipe a swirl around and then up on top the mound. Color the white fondant with pink food color and roll out thin. Use a pastry wheel to cut ribbons that are 1/2″ wide by 8″ long. Brush the ribbons with pearl dust. Form each ribbon into an awareness ribbon and attach the middle section with piping gel. Roll more light pink fondant out thin and cut mini hearts using the smallest heart cutter from the set. Brush each heart with piping gel and sprinkle with disco dust. Attach the hearts to the ribbon with a dot of piping gel. Lay a ribbon on top each cupcake using piping gel to secure them.


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