Apple Cake Pops

These simple cake pops are tasty and easy to make. Stick them into a mini clay pot for a cute display. This cake pop bouquet would make a great teacher’s gift or centerpiece! Here’s how to make them:

What you will need:

Follow a standard recipe for making cake balls. Form cake mixture into apples by making a round shape and then tapering the bottom so that it is larger at the top. Make a small indentation in the top for the leaf and stem. When you have all the pops shaped into apples, place in the refrigerator to firm for about 30 minutes.

When the cake is firm enough to be dipped, dip one end of the sucker sticks into melted candy coating and insert them into the apples. Let the candy coating set up completely. Once the sticks are set into the cake pops, one at a time, hold the pops over a bowl of melted candy coating and spoon the chocolate over the cake pops. Make sure that all the cake is covered. Allow the excess chocolate to drain from the pops, but do not tap the sticks on the side of the bowl. Immediately place the pops in a cake pop stand or piece of styrofoam to dry. Take the chocolate jimmies and place one each into the indentations on the tops of the apples. Shape leaves out of the fondant and attach next to the stems using a dot of melting candy coating.

When you have finished making the pops in equal amounts of red, green, and yellow, they can be arranged in pots for a cake pop bouquet or packaged into cellophane bags. If making a bouquet, place a hunk of rice krispie treats or candy clay wrapped in plastic wrap in the bottom of the pot. Stick the cake pops down into the clay pot and cover the top with toasted coconut flakes.


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