How to Use a Bead Maker

Pearl borders can add a classic touch to cakes but can be a pain to make. You may not want to remove a strand of plastic pearls before serving the cake, make hundreds of tiny pearls by hand, or use hard sugar pearls on your cake. Silicone bead makers are an excellent option to help you easily create the look you want. Along with different sizes in beads, these border molds come in different styles too. There are molds that will make oblong shaped pearls, faceted beads, or beads shaped like roses. There are also molds that will allow you to make rope borders.

Silicone border molds are easy to use but may require a couple tries to get a perfect looking strand of beads. You don’t want to use a fondant that is too soft or the fondant may stick inside the mold, or the bead strand may fall apart once released from the mold. The inside of the mold can be brushed with a pearl dust to give the pearls a realistic look or dust the pearls once they have been released from the mold.

Here’s how to use these molds:

Step 1: Dust the inside of the mold with pearl dust or with cornstarch.

Step 2: Roll fondant into a rope long enough to fill the entire mold.

Step 3: Open the mold up and clamp it down on top of the fondant rope.

Step 4: Squeeze the mold together to make sure the fondant has filled the cavities.

Step 5: Scrape the excess fondant off with a spatula or flexible cutting blade.

Step 6: Open the bead maker and release the strand of beads from the mold.

Step 7: Attach the border to the cake with a bead of piping gel.

These silicone molds come in a range of sizes and styles. From top to bottom: faceted bead, 12 mm pearl, 8 mm rope, rose bead, and 4 mm pearl.

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