Olympic Rings Cookies

Make these cut-out cookies to help celebrate the Olympics.

What you will need:

Step 1: Roll out cookie dough on a silicone baking mat. Cut 3 circles in a straight row with just 1/4″ in-between each with the larger circle cutter. With the smaller cutter, cut out the centers of the 3 circles.

Step 2: Take the large cutter again and cut 2 circles in-between and about 1/3 into the 3 already cut circles. (You will actually be cutting into the first 3 ring cookies)

Step 3: Remove all the extra dough so that what you have left looks like the picture below.

Step 4: On a different baking mat, roll out dough again. Cut 2 large circles using the smaller cutter to make the cut outs. Remove the excess dough.

Step 5: Place the silicone mats onto cookie sheets and bake. When the cookies have cooled you should have pieces that fit together to form the Olympic rings.

Step 6: Mix each color with thinned royal icing and put into parchment cones. Outline the tops of each cookie and then fill in.

Finished cookies:

* Make sure you use a cookie recipe that holds it shape well when baking. For a great cut-out cookie recipe click here.

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