New Ink Blending Tool

The new Ink Blending Tool is great for adding color and depth to your decorating projects. The tool comes with 2 ink pads and there is also a refill pack available. Use with liquid or airbrush food color. Ink pads can be rinsed out and reused when dry.

How to use the Ink Blending Tool: Use the tool with most raised-pattern texture mats on fondant or gum paste. The technique is easy to do, but may require some practice on achieving just the right amount of pressure when applying the color.

Step 1: Roll out fondant or gum paste and apply texture. Use a cookie cutter or pastry wheel to cut finished shape out.

Step 2: Pour a small amount of liquid food color out onto a piece of parchment paper. Saturate the ink pad with color.

Step 3: Dab to get rid of excess color.

Step 4: Gently brush over raised texture using very little pressure. Move ink pad in all directions to completely cover the textured surface with color.

Step 5: Allow the color to dry for just a minute and apply the piece to a cookie, cupcake, or any other treat. Be careful to not smudge the color.

When applying color to cupcake tops, we recommend using the ink blending tool before the fondant is attached to the cupcake rather than after. The curved surface of the cupcake makes it difficult to color only the raised texture.

The fondant on the cupcake on the left was colored before it was added to the cupcake. The fondant on the right cupcake was colored after being applied to the cupcake. You can notice a huge difference in the neatness between the two cupcakes.

Fondant cupcakes decorated with floral texture sheet and pink food color with gum paste flower accents.

Fondant tie and border are textured with an argyle pattern then colored green to create this #1 Dad cake.

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