Milk Chocolate

Saturday, July 28 is National Milk Chocolate Day. It seems fitting that we would have a whole day devoted to just milk chocolate since more Americans prefer milk chocolate over any other type of chocolate. Real milk chocolate generally contains 10-34% of cocoa solids and more than 12% milk solids and has a larger amount of sugar than semi or bittersweet chocolates. Milk chocolate is seldom used for baking, it is more often used in candy making or eaten plain. When tempering, it must be worked with between 86-88°.

CKSA carries a variety of milk chocolates suitable for use in candy making, chocolate fountains, dipping, and more. Below is a list of all milk chocolates we carry along with their cocoa contents and viscosity levels.  The cocoa content can include the bean, nibs, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Generally, the higher the percentage of cocoa content, the darker more intense flavor the chocolate will have. The viscosity is the thinness of the chocolate. A high viscosity means that the chocolate is very thick. Thinner chocolate is best used for chocolate fountains or dipping and coating.

Callebaut– has a balanced milk, cocoa, and creamy caramel taste, Belgian formula, comes in small chips that are easy to melt, has a cocoa content of 31.5% and a medium viscosity

Superfine– very creamy, golden-colored milk chocolate with a hint of spicy overtones, comes in block form, 30.5% cocoa content with a medium-low viscosity

Broc– predominantly milk flavor and slightly less sweet than Superfine, Swiss formulated, block form, 31.5% cocoa content and a high viscosity

Falls Milk– specially formulated for chocolate fountains, wafer form, has a cocoa content of 45% and a low viscosity

Marquis– rich dairy and chocolate flavor, wafer form, a cocoa content of 34.0% and a medium-low viscosity

Guittard– Bold, rich milk chocolate flavors with caramel accents, fresh dairy  notes and a signature hint of cinnamon, bar or wafer form, 38.0% cocoa content

Cocoa Lite– smooth and creamy candy coating with no waxy taste, wafer form, contains no cocoa butter, requires no tempering

Westchester– candy coating, wafer form, contains no cocoa butter, does not require tempering

Chocomaker– candy coating, great for chocolate fountains, contains no cocoa butter, does not require tempering


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