Plastic Cake Pans

Plastic cake pans are a really great option when it comes to baking shaped cakes. Spending the money on metal shaped pans can sometimes be impractical, especially when you intend on only using the pan one time. Plastic cake pans cost about half of what regular metal shaped pans retail for, making them a more affordable option. The plastic pans are durable and can be reused over and over.

There is a large variety of plastic pans available and a number of ways to decorate them. Shaped pans can be purchased for all different occasions; weddings, baby showers, graduations, and holidays. A large number of general pans are available too, like dinosaurs, butterflies, and motorcycles. Number shaped cakes can be decorated on their own, or added on top a sheet cake to make a special birthday cake.

Besides using the detailed indentations as a guideline for your decorating, inside the pan can be used to mold perfectly detailed replicas of the pan itself. After the cake is baked and the pan is washed and dry, pour a thin layer of melted candy coating into the pan. If details in color are desired, paint in the color first and let dry, then pour in the remaining color just as you would with a regular chocolate mold. Place the cake pan in the freezer for the chocolate to completely set up and carefully overturn the pan releasing the molded shape. The chocolate piece can then be set on top the cake. Rolled fondant can also be molded inside the plastic cake pan. Gently press thinly rolled out fondant into the inside of the cake pan and brush with piping gel. Ice the cake and let it crust. Flip the cake into the fondant lined pan and remove the pan. You can then decorate the fondant with food color, edible markers, or dusting powders.

When baking in a plastic pan, it is important that the pan sits on a metal baking sheet. The baking sheet prevents the pan from melting and also helps the cake to bake evenly. The smaller sized plastic pans can also be used in the microwave. The pans have a maximum temperature of 375°. Larger pans use about 1 box cake mix while smaller pans use less than 1 mix.

Plastic cake pans can also be used for a number of other things besides cake decorating. The pans can be used to mold ice for a punch bowl, or mold a gelatin dessert. They can also be used to make concrete stepping-stones for a garden.

This cake was baked in a fish-shaped plastic pan. It was decorated with rolled fondant by pressing the fondant into the inside of the same fish cake pan. For a more detailed instructions on how to make this cake, click here.

This awareness ribbon cake was made in the plastic ribbon cake pan and decorated with a large chocolate ribbon made by pouring pink candy coating into the cake pan. For more detailed instructions on how to make this cake, click here.

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