Molded Sugar Pieces

Molded sugar pieces make great decorations for almost any treat. Sugar pieces can be attached to the sides, top, or front to add color and detail. Pre-made sugar pieces can be purchased in a variety of themes at some cake and candy supply stores. Making your own shapes out of sugar is very easy though, and can be done quickly and without spending much money. Follow the steps below to make molded sugar pieces for your next project.

To add extra detail, attach sugar pieces to the sides of a cake.

Molded sugar pieces make easy and edible toppers for cupcakes!

Shapes can be added to dipped cookies or chocolates for a touch of color.

What you will need:

Step 1: Mix the water and sugar together. If the sugar pieces are to be a solid color, food coloring can be added to the water before adding the sugar. Stir the water and sugar together until mixture is an even consistency or color is blended in.

Step 2: Take the sugar mixture and squeeze it in the palm of your hand. If the mixture keeps the shape of your fist, it is ready to be molded. If the sugar crumbles, add a couple more drops of water, mix, and re-test.

Step 3: Press the sugar into a clean and dry candy mold. Use a spatula to level the top.

Step 4: Place the piece of cardboard over the mold and turn upside down. immediately remove the plastic mold.  Let set until edges are dry and hard before moving.

Step 5: You can decorate and add details to the molded sugar pieces using petal dusts, edible markers, thinned royal icing, or other types of icing.

Use the sugar pieces to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes, candies, or many other treats!


4 thoughts on “Molded Sugar Pieces

    • Sugar pieces can really be kept indefinitely. You want to store them in a cool dry place, just as you would your granulated sugar. And they are fragile so putting foam inbetween layers in a container may be a good idea.

  1. Hi, can you go into more detail about how to color these decorations? I want to try making something like dec-ons which are white sugar that’s been “painted” somehow. I’m trying to figure out how to get that look without dissolving the sugar itself. Thanks!

    • We sell a lot of the pre-mdae ‘dec-ons’ in the store, and to me, it looks like the color is sprayed or printed on (and I’m assuming not by hand). You can use the aerosol spray colors to color sugar pieces, but you don’t have much control over the spray. That would work if you were doing solid color pieces and no small details. Powdered food color would also work to color the pieces. The powdered color would be applied with a soft paint brush and you would be able to color smaller details just by using a finer brush. You can also easily make the decorations lighter or darker depending on the amount of powder you use. Hopefully this helps you!

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