Edible Book Festival

Recently, some of our CKSA employees got together to create a submission for the Ivy Tech Community College’s Edible Book Festival.  The festival is geared towards Baking and Pastry Students attending Ivy Tech, however the showcase is open to the public as well.  The Edible Book Festival is an international program in which libraries and bookstores celebrate books with food.  Revolved around National Library Week, many libraries around the nation and world participate.  The showpieces must be made of edible products and reflect a particular book.  Some entries depicted scenes from books where others looked like the front cover or maybe even a character.

CKSA drew inspiration from many illustrations from the popular Dr. Seuss Book Oh, The Places You’ll Go.  They wanted to use the project as a platform to try out different techniques they had not used before.  The cake started out with a tie dye effect cake, created by dividing cake batter up into different bowls, then dying the portions each a different color then layered into the baking pans.  Using the Wilton Punch Set and Rainbow Zig Zag Designer Strips LK-47089P, they punched out hot air balloons and adhered them to the fondant covered cake.  They also made plaques out of run royal icing fitted to the sides of one tier to replicate the bands of color as shown on the front cover of the book.  The figures were hand modeled out of candy clay ( 1 lb. candy coating to 2/3 cup corn syrup) and gum paste.  The most impressive work was the Isomalt balloon made by warming up isomalt and squeezing air into it, creating an edible 3-D hot air balloon.  The project seemed to be a learning experience for all participants and the piece was very well received at the festival.

The finished cake ready for delivery to the festival.

Brian (left) and Jovon (right) filling in the royal icing plaques with colorful run sugar.

Brian’s hand modeled creature next to the creature in the book.

Royal icing plaques for the sides of the cake inspired by the cover of Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

The inside of the cake was tie dyed to reflect the bold decorations that were used.

The cake on display at the Edible Book Festival.

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