Uncle Sam Cupcakes

Fourth of July is just around the corner. These festive red, white, and blue cupcakes are sure to be a hit at your Independence Day celebrations!

Here’s what you need:

How to make these cupcakes:

First, bake and cool 2 dozen cupcakes.  Color 2 cups of buttercream red and 2 cups blue. Leave the remaining icing (about 3 cups) white. Fill 3 pastry bags, each with a different color. Fit the bags with a 2A tip. (If you only have one 2A tip, it will need to be washed and dried it in between each color.) With the white buttercream, pipe a mound of icing in the center of all the cupcakes. Using the red, pipe a circle around the outer edge of each cupcake. Next, pipe a circle on the inside of the red with the blue icing. Using the white icing again, pipe a small mound inside the blue ring, on top of the first white icing mound. Top each cupcake with a hat ring and sprinkle with star confetti. If icing has started to crust, place stars onto icing with tweezers .

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