Cookie Scoops

The stainless steel cookie scoops are a must have gadget for any kitchen. The spring action handle makes scooping and releasing incredibly easy. Use them with batters, doughs, and other food items to help keep mess to a minimum. Recommended for hand wash only. With their versatility and different sizes, you will always find new ways to use them.

The cookie scoops come in 5 different sizes as follows:

  • 26mm- 1 level scoop= ½ tablespoon
  • 35mm- 1 level scoop= 1 tablespoon
  • 39mm- 1 level scoop= 1½ tablespoons
  • 50mm- 1 level scoop= 3 tablespoons
  • 56mm- 1 level scoop= 4 tablespoons

One of the best uses for the scoops is using them to make drop cookies uniform in size. Having evenly sized cookies will look more professional and also help during the baking process. Evenly sized cookies bake evenly, so you won’t have some cookies burnt while others are still doughy. Another great use for the cookie scoops is filling cupcake tins. The scoops give you consistent sized cupcakes and muffins every time without needing to use a measuring cup. Also the ease and minimal mess from using cookie scoops to fill your cupcake pans can’t be beat.

Cookie scoops are also great for portioning out food. Use the scoops to evenly portion out food items like mashed potatoes, rice, cooked vegetables, etc. Make prefect, evenly sized meatballs.  The scoops can be used as melon ballers too. Scoop up truffle mixture or candy centers before rolling them to make uniform chocolates. And of course, these scoops work great for dishing out ice cream!

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