Silicone Molds

Silicone molds are a great way to add elegant and detailed decorations to any cake. Molds made of flexible silicone can be bought with all kinds of designs for almost anything you would need. Some molds are very detailed while others have just a small amount of detail. Even the most detailed molds can make crisp, clean pieces. Molds can vary in size from large focal pieces down to the tiniest pieces. Use silicone molds to mold beautiful pieces for on the sides of cakes. Or make edible pieces for on top of cupcakes.

Silicone molds can be used with a range of mediums. Fondant and gum paste are often used, but chocolate, hard candy, isomalt, and candy clay may also be used. Some molds may even work well for soap and candle making. Different mediums will work better in some molds than they will in others. The amount of detail in a mold may determine the medium you use in that mold. The molds are flexible to allow for easy release of the molded pieces and most molds are heat-resistant making them safe for melted chocolate and hot isomalt.


Using silicone molds with fondant or gum paste

Knead and soften rolled fondant or gum paste and roll into a ball.

With a soft bristled brush or dusting pouch, dust the mold with cornstarch. Dust the gum paste with cornstarch also.

Press the gumpaste into the cavities in the mold.

Scrape off the extra with a palette knife or thin blade. Use your finger to press the gum paste down into the mold again.

Release the pieces by flexing the mold and pushing on the back with your thumbs.

Brush the gum paste pieces with different colored luster and petal dusts to give them a more realistic look.

Using silicone molds with chocolate and candy coating

Melt candy coating or melt and temper real chocolate. Melted candy coating can be poured into a squeeze bottle and squeezed into the cavities. Real chocolate must be spooned into the mold. Let chocolate set up and release the pieces by twisting and flexing the mold. Luster and petal dusts can be added to the chocolate pieces to give them a more realistic appearance.


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