Edible Markers

Edible markers are a fun way to decorate cookies, cakes, and other edible treats. These pens look and color just like regular markers but use edible food color instead of ink! They work best on smooth, firm icings like fondant and royal icing, but can be used to decorate many other things as well. Use the markers to draw details on the side of a cake or to color in the tops of cookies. Write special messages on your kid’s lunch sandwiches or add colorful details to a breakfast bagel. Edible markers also work well on printable paper sheets and can then be transferred onto a buttercream iced cake. Food can really be made fun with edible designs!

Edible markers are also great for children to decorate with. They are easy to handle and make for a very limited mess. Have pre-iced cookies ready to be decorated for a fun party activity or an after school art project. The markers come in packs of assorted colors and you can buy them with broad or fine tips.

How-To Decorate Cookies with Edible Markers

1. Cut out, bake, and cool cookies. Use a recipe that produces flat, even cookies.

2. Cover tops of cookies with royal icing or rolled fondant. For rolled fondant, use the same cutter to cut the fondant as you used to cut out the cookies. Ice cookies with buttercream icing to attach fondant piece. Allow fondant to firm overnight before using markers to decorate. If using royal icing, pipe a border around the outer edge of the cookie first and then fill in the middle. Allow to completely dry before decorating.

3. Start decorating with edible markers. You can can completely color in the tops or use pens to add just a touch of color.

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