Chick and Lamb Cookie Pops

These adorable chocolate covered sandwich cookies make the prefect Easter treat. Give them as gifts or use them to make a cute centerpiece. Popsicle sticks make them easy treats for children to handle. Use green colored coconut for grass inside display basket.

Items needed:


Melt candy coatings. Mold lamb heads in egg mold with white chocolate. Dip end of several pretzel sticks (4 for every lamb) into dark chocolate and let dry. Dip 1/2″ of one end of popsicle sticks into melted candy coating; yellow for chick and white for lamb. Insert into the middle of sandwich cookie. Allow coating to dry completely. Dip cookies in white or yellow chocolate, covering completely and allow to dry. Remove lamb heads from mold. Break off dipped pretzel end and discard uncovered portion.

For chick: Form beaks and comb out of small amount of orange candy clay. For candy clay recipe, refer to Spring Cake Pops post. Use a pair of scissors to cut opening in beak and to make points on the comb. Attach the pieces to cookie with a tiny dab of melted candy coating. Use orange candy writer to pipe chick’s legs and dark chocolate to give him eyes.

For lamb: Using melted candy coating, attach the white eggs off to the side of each lamb cookie. Roll out black fondant and cut out leaf shapes for ears. Use the candy mold to shape a mouth out of fondant. Roll tiny balls for eyes. Attach pieces to lamb head with melted candy coating. Attach the dipped pretzels to bottom of cookie for legs.

For display: Find a small shallow basket and fill with candy clay. Arrange cookie pops by pushing the sticks down into the clay. Cover with green colored coconut flakes. To learn how to, refer to How-To Color Coconut post.

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