How-To Ice a Cupcake

Cupcakes make great treats for almost every occasion. And with their increasing popularity, everyone wants to know how to make professional looking cupcakes. Its easier than it may seem. With the right tools and know-how, you can decorate bakery quality cupcakes.

When icing cupcakes, you will want to use an icing that is thick enough to hold shape. Buttercream, cream cheese icing, ganache icing, and a good, stiff whipped icing all make excellent icings for cupcakes. For a great homemade buttercream recipe refer to our previous blog, All About Buttercream or How-To Fill a Cupcake for whipped ganache and whipped icing recipes. Always be sure to let your cupcakes completely cool before icing them.

Piping Using 1M Tip

First, drop the 1M tip into your pastry bag (as this tip requires a larger whole than standard sized tips, you may want to have a bag used specifically for icing cupcakes). Fill the pastry bag with icing, enough that you wont have to refill too often, but not too full making the bag difficult to handle.

 Next, pipe a large mound of icing in the center of the cupcake. This will help to give the swirl some height.

 Start on the outer edge and pipe around the center mound of icing. When you have met back at your starting point, continue up and around, until you have completely covered the mound.

 You now have a beautifully iced cupcake! If you are going to add any sprinkles or other embellishments, add them shortly after icing while the icing is still moist.

Piping Using 2A Tip

Follow the same instructions from above when using the 2A tip. This tip creates a nice, soft swirl. The cupcake here was embellished with pre-made edible flowers.

Piping Using Grass Tip

Begin by placing your grass tip down inside the pastry bag and fill with icing. We used tip #233 to decorate this mini cupcake, but you may want to use a larger grass tip if you will be decorating standard or jumbo sized cupcakes. Start at the edge of the cupcake with the tip touching the surface and the bag upright. Gently squeeze the pastry bag while lifting away from the cupcake. For fuller grass, pipe icing close together.

Cupcakes decorated with grass icing are great for Spring or Easter treats. You can use the grass tip to make fur or hair also. This cupcake was decorated with edible mini flower sprinkles.

Piping Using Leaf Tip

 Fit pastry bag with leaf tip and fill with icing. We used tip #366. Start at the center of the cupcake with one point of the tip touching the cupcake. Drag outward while gently squeezing icing bag. To make waves in the leaves, move the tip up and down while squeezing.

Continue piping leaves until the entire surface of the cupcake is covered. leaves can also be piped on top of one another to create depth. Edible flowers and a ladybug were added to this cupcake for a nice spring-time treat.

Following these simple instructions, you will be decorating great looking cupcakes in no time!


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