New Chocolate Transfer Molds

Chocolate Transfer Candy Molds (shown: Halloween Sucker Mold)

This fun new product makes it easy to create beautiful molded pieces of chocolate. You no longer have to choose between using chocolate transfers and making molded candies. This product combines both. The disposable molds have been pre-printed with cocoa butter designs that stay on your chocolate pieces once the chocolate is set. Now, you can have the professional look of molded candies as well as the fun design of chocolate transfers.

These new molds are easy to use. Simply fill each cavity with melted candy coating or melted and tempered real chocolate. Click here for melting and tempering instructions. You can place the filled mold in the freezer to speed the set up time. Once the chocolate has set up and the mold appears cloudy, you can overturn the mold and the chocolate pieces should easily release from the mold, designs intact. If you need additional instructions on filling a candy mold click here.

Chocolate Transfer Molds (shown from left to right: Pink/Lavender Egg, Peppermint Sucker, Heart Shape with Lace)

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