Truffles for your Valentine

Make these simple dipped truffles for your Valentine

Whipped cream incorporated with melted chocolate

Use a cookie scoop to form even sized truffles

3. Remove from refrigerator and roll into balls. Allow to crust slightly at room temperature (several hours or overnight). At this point, several can be rolled into cocoa powder for a more traditional truffle, the rest can be dipped into chocolate. Melt candy coating or melt and temper real chocolate. Dip truffles into melted chocolate. Try rolling some of your dipped truffles into finely chopped mixed nuts, chocolate vermicelli (we mixed ours with red heart sprinkles for Valentine’s Day), or cocoa maracaibo nibs for an enticing truffle assortment.

Create an assortment of truffles by rolling in several different toppings


Display your truffles on a beautiful glass cake pedestal or in a heart-shaped candy box.

Heart box of chocolates

Truffles displayed on cake pedestal

If you’re looking for something other than a basic truffle, try these delicious variations.

White or Dark Chocolate Truffles- Use basic truffle recipe with real white or dark chocolate. Melt and dip into white or dark candy coating or melted and tempered white or dark chocolate.

Mocha Truffles- Use basic truffle recipe with dark chocolate. Stir in 1 teaspoon coffee flavor per 1 cup of truffle mixture. Dip and roll in chocolate vermicelli.


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